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Procrasination, thy name is Greg

Ok so its quiet at lunchtime, so.. here's some stuff to remind myself about. Bug me about this, please.

Things to Do List:
  1. Re-do my website so I actually post there. This will include:
    • Actually updating the damn thing...
    • Making those updates automatically post to my LJ (pretty easy).
    • make it pretty!
  2. Bug the crap out of two clients to actually give me their damn content so I can finish their sites. Some people just like making my life difficult I swear.
  3. Dance a little when I get paid from the two sites above.
  4. Get down the Gym, I'm eating less so working out more should be good right? Might upgrade my card so I can use the other things (like the swimming pool, and classes like Yoga and stuff) for free. That will give me more reason to go.
  5. Switch banks to Nationwide... Barclays is getting annoying, especially their credit card division.
  6. Write out the second part of Ferryman. Got it in my head pretty perfectly, just need to get it out!
  7. Write down the outline for the adventure game Miriam and I are working on so we can flesh it out.
  8. Just.. well.. write more. Especially Twilight. I'm bad, I know.

    1. I think that covers it, at least for now.


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24th Jan, 2005 13:49 (UTC)
don't forget No 9. Send Bana an MP3 of Cotton-Eye Joe (you may harass me about it at a later date, to be determined)I think this Friday and Saturday will be out too.. I'm pathetic. But I may be buying a new car!!!! gasp!
24th Jan, 2005 19:28 (UTC)
*hugs* Don't burn yourself out hun.
25th Jan, 2005 06:48 (UTC)
can i watch when you dance?
25th Jan, 2005 12:49 (UTC)
LOL sure ;)
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