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That was the year that was...

This year started much as it is going to end: drunken movie watching.

Last year I spent it in Cambridge with Richard (who I must see at some point, now I have a car), and this year Miriam and I are probably going to spend it in the same way. Everything in the Bay is like $100 at least, and I'm still not fully well. The sore throat is mostly gone, but this seems to have given way to an ear/sinus ick.. not bad, just not 100%.

So yeah... what kind of year has it been? One of change.

I got a new job, a new girlfriend, and pretty much changed my life reasonably. This I think bodes well for the future. I'm actually looking forward to the future a bit, even if it is uncertain.. I have things I want to happen, and things are happening. So... finally ;)

SF has been really great, I love it here. Its been rather.. well English.. in its weather recently, but its still nice. Monteray was wet.. and kind of a blow out in some ways, but it was still really pretty. I've been remiss in posting pictures on my moblog... I shall rectify that asap. We went to Napa, tasted wine, had fun.

In short.. I can think of no-where, and no-one I'd rather spend New Year with. Happy New Year everyone. Love you all, and hope its a good one.

Here's to 2005 being an even better year.


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31st Dec, 2004 23:21 (UTC)
Happy New Year!
1st Jan, 2005 00:03 (UTC)

happy new year!
1st Jan, 2005 15:44 (UTC)
Happy New Year and I hope you feel better soon. : )
1st Jan, 2005 21:12 (UTC)
squiiiiiishyyyyyyyy ;)
2nd Jan, 2005 01:36 (UTC)
Of course i must say Happy New year.. lets hope it brings in a year load of new and incredible things. Also... thankyou, for my wonderful and thoughtful gift.. i am over the moon. We must watch it when you return and also ringu 2 and ring 0 which GiB bought me. I have missed our movies nights however i am happy that you are spending some great times with your lovely Miriam. Look forward to seeing you again.. and perhaps Miriam too.. if shes coming along with you? We could then all get scared out of our wits together.
Take care hon
Bexley xx
7th Jan, 2005 20:10 (UTC)
*SO* envious!! I miss CA like crazy...my home state!! Haven't been there since 2002! Hope you're having a blast!! Happy New Year!
13th Jan, 2005 02:07 (UTC)
*pokes you*

add me? :)
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