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Merry Xmas!

Loot was good, v.good, more on that later.

For now? I have strep.

Big like.. festering white pustule strep.



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26th Dec, 2004 07:58 (UTC)
Welcome to America!
here, have some strep!
26th Dec, 2004 16:11 (UTC)
yeah.. welcome to flying around the world. I've been sick 6 times in 9 months thanks to those flying virus factories we call airplanes. And while I haven't been on a plane recently I am currently down with yet another cold. I feel for you. Had strep myself earlier this summer.. I think. Never really did suss out what it was. Feel better soon and enjoy the rest of your vacation.
26th Dec, 2004 18:04 (UTC)
Ugh, that's not so much a fun thing.

Hope you get better soon. Make Miriam take care of you. :)
27th Dec, 2004 03:17 (UTC)
Dude that totally sucks!! Not on your trip, that's just not fair!!

OK, I hate people who tell you what to take when your sick but I'm gonna break that personal rule considering this an emergency. If your game for this sorta thing, have Miriam take you to a quality health food store and look for brand Nature's Herbs Echinacea-Golden Seal 480 MG capsules. Take 3 of them 3 times a day with food and a good vit C supplement. I just kicked a killer ear infection with this combination. It took about 4 days but I was feeling noticeably better by the end of the first day.

Again so sorry to hear this news, I would be beyond mad if it were me on a trip overseas. I'll be thinking healthy thoughts for you.
28th Dec, 2004 04:12 (UTC)
oh! you poor dear...
I guess that would explain why yo haven't called me. feel better darlin'.
31st Dec, 2004 23:03 (UTC)
yeah :( Sorry about that, I'm still not 100% :(

It might have to wait till I come back to the bay.. running out of time :(

How's you?
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