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I'm Alive!

Yep! In sunny California and alive and safe. Oakland is nice and pretty and hilly. Its really wierd to see roads that have been warped by earthquakes. Anyhow.. I shall update, but infrequently most likely. Miriam might update more often over at her journal - miriammiriam, that is a MIGHT, I promice nothing.

I have stories about crazy draconian US immigration.. but they will wait for later.

Anyhow.. mexican for lunch now, and Sushi later! ttfn.

-- Greg Out.


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(Deleted comment)
17th Dec, 2004 15:17 (UTC)
hahaha... yeah, that was taken in Devon when she was here in May/June. Its a bit forced perspective too, as we're tilted and my head is closer to the camera.

Mind you I am like... over a foot taller than her ;)
17th Dec, 2004 12:42 (UTC)
Sooo cute! Maybe even Matt-and-Choebe cute ; )
17th Dec, 2004 15:18 (UTC)
*gasp* surely not!

There can only be one center of cute that large.. else the universe will collapse in on itself and turn into some kind of scary Hello Kitty-verse!
20th Dec, 2004 20:54 (UTC)
Hmm, you say that like it'd be a bad thing ; )
17th Dec, 2004 15:57 (UTC)
An absolutely heartwarming image that has made my day. Aww true contentment and joy. Enjoy every minute of the rest of your stay there dude. :D
17th Dec, 2004 17:04 (UTC)
DANG! No wonder it warmed up and got so sunny here yesterday! I seriously haven't seen such a happy/contented pair in a really long time.
17th Dec, 2004 18:25 (UTC)
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww ;D

crossposted to miriammiriam ;]
17th Dec, 2004 19:35 (UTC)
Yay for reunions!

I hope you both have a great time...make sure you tell all when you get back.

*hugs to you both*
17th Dec, 2004 22:34 (UTC)
your grin says it all... :)
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