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Then try this:

While sitting at your desk, lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles. Now, while doing this, draw the number “6″ in the air with your right hand. Your foot will change direction. While it is posible to do it without changing direction.. its bloody hard, and your foot moves kind of jerkily.

Just letting you know I'm alive and snowed under with work. Yay for work, bah for lack of concentration...



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2nd Dec, 2004 05:18 (UTC)
wow, that is incredibly difficult!!
2nd Dec, 2004 13:06 (UTC)
Yup isn't it??

Spend more than about 1min trying tho and you can do it.. eventually its smooth.. try 5mins later tho and *poof* gone ;)
2nd Dec, 2004 06:22 (UTC)
I won't do it!

My ankles are sore from belly dancing. ;)
2nd Dec, 2004 08:19 (UTC)
That made me go "huh?" until I thought about it.. I think many people (inc me) forget how much of a workout belly dancing actually is!
2nd Dec, 2004 11:29 (UTC)
I hurt lots.
2nd Dec, 2004 11:17 (UTC)
i did it ;)
2nd Dec, 2004 11:34 (UTC)
You practiced that didn't you? ;)
2nd Dec, 2004 17:13 (UTC)
maaaaaaaybe...and i cant seem to do it again, i tricked my foot somehow once but now its smarter than i am ;)
2nd Dec, 2004 12:06 (UTC)
I did it too! But that might be because I just got home from a monster dance class... gah!
2nd Dec, 2004 17:13 (UTC)
no we're both just ... special! ;)
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