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You may remember...

Not so long ago, and not so far away I got a new phone. Sadly this phone was not long for this vale of tears, and was evily taken from me.

This pretty much marked the demise of of my mobile phone blog among other things. Annoyingly of cource this happened just before beachglass83Miriam got here. My sister very kindly lent me her old phone.. and so I have been existing with its little "oh god I'm about to die" type quirks forever since.

So what has all this got to do with the price of eggs I hear you ask? NOTHING! MY phone has no control over the fluctuation of the egg based economy! However what it does provide background for is...

I have a new phone! Check it out:

Isn't it pretty? Also, usefully, its a 1.3mp digital camera too. The screen is HUGE, and there is the nice idea that it looks like a camera one side, and sort of pda-ish the other. Oh yes I am happy in my gadget lust. Click the picture above to read more about it.

I decided to go for another Sony Ericsson because I was so happy with the z600, I also changed from T-Mobile to vodaphone (because their service has been going downhil, and their phone range is poor). We'll see how that pan's out. Same number tho, which is why though I have this phone I can't use it for a few days - waiting for the number to transfer and activate the SIM card.



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15th Nov, 2004 11:30 (UTC)
and so the obsession continues ;)
15th Nov, 2004 12:05 (UTC)
shush you :P
15th Nov, 2004 13:05 (UTC)
Oooooo... shiny!

Though I think it might be bordering on the brick status given to my nokia. ;)
15th Nov, 2004 13:39 (UTC)
Well its not a small phone, but tbh its smaller in length than many regular phones, but its a bit thicker than some.

Its not as small as the clamshell type designs, but then again its not supposed to be *shrugs*, really only brick like in proportions, not actual size.

Its one of those phones that you think "wow.. thats going to be a brick" until you get your hands on it.

15th Nov, 2004 13:43 (UTC)
Fair enough. :)
15th Nov, 2004 18:05 (UTC)
American mobile phone companies REALLY need to get their shit together. Japanese and European mobiles kick the shit out of ours. You'd think with a company like Verizon Wireless that is half owned by fucking Vodaphone, we'd have better technology.. but no. As usual, the US consumer is at the short end of the stick when it comes to any kind of product (food, electronics, cars especially). Honestly though, does the average American consumer really care or notice? Not really. RAR!

..wow, that was much larger of a rant than I had expected. Apologies.
15th Nov, 2004 19:21 (UTC)
hey, where did you disappear to, sir rants a lot? i never see you on yim anymore...
16th Nov, 2004 00:15 (UTC)
I don't mind! Go for it :)

Yeah I mean.. you guys still have a damn analogue network O_o we've not had that for 10 years! However phone wise you aren't that far behind, if at all - the s700 is available there for example.

However you guys also don't have the cultural acceptance of mobile phones that we have. I mean some people really couldn't live without txting, and CHILDREN have mobile phoens (grr.. I hate that actually.. but thats something for another time).

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