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(Note: this was written last Friday but I decided to post it up now - as I only managed to get the PocketWord file from my PDA today - this also might mean I end up posting more often as I can use it as an as excuse to play with my new toy. The last paragraph is just as relevent.. I may post that tonight, maybe tomorrow.).

Well... playing Monkey Island and a nice buffet lunch is'nt exactly hard work. Which is nice.

I can't wait to see Miriam, December really can't come soon enough. It's been too long since we were together, *far* too long. Never again. I mean that, it's never going to be that long again.

I'm writing this on my shiny, mmm... shiny, while at a training session for teachers in our software. Nothing too taxing, but certainly a good reminder of the complete lack of computer skills most teachers seem to have. There is fear in this room, pure, unadulterated, palpable fear.

There's also, in this room, an "IT Coordinator" who reaks of booze. A cheap lager if I'm any judge. He's a amicable character, even if he does look, with his flushed face and yellow-black teeth, like a tramp in a suit.

Also, what is it about primary schools and employing young, attractive, blonde women? Not that I'm complaining... but I'm sure that my teachers weren't that attractive when i was at school. Mind you at that age i was more interested in Thundercats and which Transformer was best (a tie between Hotrod and the white metal cab of Optimus Prime if you are interested). Not that I'm really into blondes anyway, and I'm with the best girl in the world anyhow (yes, gushy moment there, so what?) so it doesn't matter.

As a side note... I'm having that ''bit off more their you can chew" feeling atm with a coding project that I took on. More on that when I'm more focused on it. We'll see l guess.

Oh! I've been meaning to mention some bits about Twilight and NaNoWriMo. However I think I shall make a separate post about that, as it's probably not going to be short and this entry is already longer than my usual entries, Can't have you thinking I might *write* in this thing can I?

- Greg out...

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