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A post NOT about the US election!

Yeah, a rarity over the last few days huh?

Well I thought I'd post something positive and happy, you know.. because I'm that kind of guy.

As I write this... in 42 days...

I'll be in San Francisco!

Yep! I'm going to be spending Christmas and New Year in the city by the bay, and to be fair.. Oakland is more correct, as thats where beachglass83Miriam lives and I will, of cource, be staying with her.


Also.. welcome to people who I've not noticed before! Such as quipper, I've no idea who you are, but welcome! I have a general rule of not adding people back unless they comment or show some random sign of interest, but welcome!

As a side note, it's interesting to work for a company where:
  • The marketing guy knows nothing about writing copy.

  • The project manager knows nothing about writing and testing software.

  • The designer knows nothing about web design, typography, or accessability.

  • The person who is my manager has nothing to do with my actual job in any way.
Mind you.. I am technically working for the council.. so I shouldn't be too surprised. Don't get me wrong, I like my job.. but there are some real frustrations in there. I am, however, working to change and reform them and not giving up and just riding out with the status quo.

Guess what? Its changing, albeit slowly, but it is changing.

A lesson for all of us perhaps.


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4th Nov, 2004 08:58 (UTC)
San Francisco sounds good!!!! XD
4th Nov, 2004 10:17 (UTC)
I have been bitching too much!
So welcome to the blue state! Ohh, sorry. Um right; San Fran rules all walks of life many things to do and for the states it has a well preserved history down every street! Lovley photogenic town check out hate/ash and Castro Dist. The pier water front is a bit touresty, the veiw from the bay bridge Island is impeckable! I love it, welcome to my West Coast!
4th Nov, 2004 10:22 (UTC)
Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!! for being such a WONDERFUL human being. I have so many damned posts about this election on my friends page....I seriously wanted to take a can of paint and blot it all out!!

Thankyou for not being one of those people!! I love you so much for it (well you know what I mean!!). :) Ok, I will calm down now....*sigh*

4th Nov, 2004 11:46 (UTC)
lol! *hugs* no problem ;)

I will at some point post something about it, but I have a plan for then.. and I want to complete it before I do.
(Deleted comment)
4th Nov, 2004 23:16 (UTC)
Ahh cool :)

Well on the writing front I do intend to actually produce some more.. I promice!
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