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Waking up in the morning unable to move is bad.

There's not really a good side to that one really is there?

Though I exagerate a bit, I could of cource move... as long as I wanted shooting pain across my back, up my spine, and across the very fibre of my being. Then I could move yes...

Why? Well it was probably too much hunching over computers, not enough working out at the gym. My fault, and a totally temporary thing thankfully. I called work, let them know I couldn't get out of bed, let alone drive in, and lay there waiting for the fire in my back to cool down.

This took about 2 hours, so I had plenty of time to think. Some of it about work I may add - I solved an annoying coding problem while lying there, so its not all bad. However it did give em pause to think about why my back is still a bit sensitive and on the wonk as it were..

The reason, basically, is this. That screwed up my back enough to have a lasting effect, and although my back is much much much better than it was.. its still not perfect. I need to be careful with it. A timely reminder, because that fateful day is one year ago this time next week.

It pretty much marked one of my lower moments, and now.. one year on, I can say I'm in much better shape. I have a new car, a new job, a new wonderful girlfriend, and pretty much I'm moving on. I have more to post about but this is a flying visit before I pop back into work. I'll post again later..

Yes, you read that right.. two posts in one day. I must be ill...


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28th Oct, 2004 04:31 (UTC)
ouch!!! feel better greg!
28th Oct, 2004 07:50 (UTC)
be good to the back!!!
28th Oct, 2004 11:17 (UTC)
Good God Man!!
Thank shit sake for RT hand drive! Man I really am sorry, back pain is excrushiating stuff. Tragic about your car too. The gym is my backs best pal, as long as I'm carful and stay in proper form... Cheers on your female! Good for you and you deserve someone special no doubt...
28th Oct, 2004 23:42 (UTC)
Re: Good God Man!!

Yeah if I had a passenger they'd have been in hospital :/
28th Oct, 2004 17:10 (UTC)
*gives you a massage voucher to use with me when you get here* ;) i hope you feel better hon, try doing some excercises for it, maybe just some stretches and head rolls...might help a little at least
28th Oct, 2004 17:12 (UTC)
btw, your nasty car crash is the one year mark of us talking on the phone, kinda sucks that thats what it's affiliated with, but at least i'll always remember it
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