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Waking up in the morning unable to move is bad.

There's not really a good side to that one really is there?

Though I exagerate a bit, I could of cource move... as long as I wanted shooting pain across my back, up my spine, and across the very fibre of my being. Then I could move yes...

Why? Well it was probably too much hunching over computers, not enough working out at the gym. My fault, and a totally temporary thing thankfully. I called work, let them know I couldn't get out of bed, let alone drive in, and lay there waiting for the fire in my back to cool down.

This took about 2 hours, so I had plenty of time to think. Some of it about work I may add - I solved an annoying coding problem while lying there, so its not all bad. However it did give em pause to think about why my back is still a bit sensitive and on the wonk as it were..

The reason, basically, is this. That screwed up my back enough to have a lasting effect, and although my back is much much much better than it was.. its still not perfect. I need to be careful with it. A timely reminder, because that fateful day is one year ago this time next week.

It pretty much marked one of my lower moments, and now.. one year on, I can say I'm in much better shape. I have a new car, a new job, a new wonderful girlfriend, and pretty much I'm moving on. I have more to post about but this is a flying visit before I pop back into work. I'll post again later..

Yes, you read that right.. two posts in one day. I must be ill...

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