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The Was The Week That Was...

Well its been an interesting week...

Mostly its been a week of getting in touch with old friends, both in person and on the phone. I'm seeing a bunch of people tomorrow that fall into that category.. and singing show tunes with them.

Yeah. Show tunes.

Anyhow, so hows things? What have I been doing? Well working mostly. It could be worse, I could be attacked by ninja rabbits. No, really, it should be fun, and it'll be cool to see some people I've not seen in.. nearly 6 years (wow).

I know I should post more tho, especially now I have the net at work.. I will, I promise. Just getting the motivation and my time organised. I am around and reading tho, even if I'm not commenting much. I've not been abducted and taken to another world or anything.

On that note - HUGE congrats to Brandi (fullofwhispers) on her engagement! They make a sweet couple, and I wish them well. It seems a lot of my friends are getting engaged or married, or babies.. man, its weird. I don't feel the need at all (christ.. I'm only 24!) but still.. kinda weird.

btw - no radio show this saturday, because of the aforementioned visit to old friends. If you didn't know I did a radio show.. well shame on you ;) It'll be around next week though.

Anyhow.. now I'm off!

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