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Ok.. I'm dancing like TheNinjaPoet after booze and book launches right now...

All because of this silly trance tune.

Well perhaps because its also so late at night, and its nervous energy. It reminds me of that old classic tune by Josh Wink - Higher States Of Conciousness.


Oh.. and if you wondered what the hell my new job was about, well I'll be working on/with this software, now you know.

Dancing ot Little Richard - Long Tall Sally now... must go to bed...


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27th Aug, 2004 20:56 (UTC)
Lookin' sharp in that video you posted. Good work tricking them into hiring you, too.

The trick now is to kill anyone who discovers the slip up. I recommend a bathtub and some lye to dispose of the evidence.
28th Aug, 2004 04:59 (UTC)
eeeexcelllent idea... ;)
29th Aug, 2004 00:44 (UTC)
Well, 'living' is hardly the condition I would consider myself in. 'Flying by the seat of my pants' would be more appropriate.

The Pants. Now with wings.
27th Aug, 2004 23:12 (UTC)
oh good...now i can just give people that link when they ask what you do. i've told several people at work that you got a job when they asked how you were doing...but then they ask me "so, what will he be doing?" and i go "i dunno...something with computers probably...how should i know? i'm only...his girlfriend..." ;)

so, you target pupils? do you go the schools and install these target trackers in the students heads, like on the simpsons?
27th Aug, 2004 23:14 (UTC)
oh...and "i won't be up much longer" at 1 am huh?....riiiiiiight ;)
shame! shame i say!
and now to stay up til 4 am
28th Aug, 2004 11:20 (UTC)
link didn't work for me.. i'll try again later. Where will you be working? Gonna be able to live where you are and not need a car? Congrats again.
28th Aug, 2004 12:02 (UTC)
No I'll need a car.. that has to be sorted in the next week or two.

Its based in Great Baddow, near chelmsford, but will involve some other travel.
31st Aug, 2004 14:21 (UTC)
Hi, i added you as a friend since your miriammiriam's sig other...shes cool, so you must be too! Hope thats okay...
1st Sep, 2004 04:54 (UTC)
well.. thanks!

And yeah, she rocks ;)
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