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...Like a rolling stone.

Why won't people hire me?

Just got a rejection letter through from a job I interviewed for last week. Shit. It was, aside from the pay, pretty much perfect. I was really hoping I'd get that. Guess not.

I've got another interview for a job that, while not really what I want to do, at least pays well and is IT related. Somehow I can't work up enthusiasm for it right now however. Bah I say... bah.

After tomorrow I have no more interviews lined up, why? Because no-one responds. I wouldn't mind so much if I got "sorry you didn't make it to the interview stage" responces, but no.. nothing so small. Mostly I just hear nothing at all. How shitty is that? The least a company can do is let you know where you stand.

Its not like I'm just applying for IT either - any retail positions either don't get back to me, or claim I'm overqualified. Ok so I'm sure they don't want me disapearing on them if I get a good job offer.. but ffs, its not like I have a choice right now! I can't apply for anything high scale in retail because I have no experience in that area, so any application to jobs like that may as well just go in the bin. Yet I'm "overqualified".

Fuckers. Just hire me you fucks!


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25th Aug, 2004 05:12 (UTC)

they are a bunch of fuckers.
25th Aug, 2004 05:31 (UTC)
they are indeed.

25th Aug, 2004 06:18 (UTC)
maybe the ones that haven't responded yet just haven't gotten your application? I don't know. I hope something turns up soon dear.
25th Aug, 2004 07:40 (UTC)
You know, I thought pretty much the same thing earlier this summer, when I was applying for jobs.

Turns out that people doing hiring things, especially for big companies, are really dang slow. So if they haven't gotten back to you at all, they probably haven't slogged through all the resumes they got yet.

Keep your chin up! You might get a surprise call soon.
25th Aug, 2004 08:22 (UTC)
No, really.. its just par for the cource.

6 months down the line I doubt I'm going to get a call.

2 months.. maybe.

I've had 2 months before.. which is pretty fucking rediculous anyhow, but tbh, I'm not that hopeful.
25th Aug, 2004 09:59 (UTC)
ugh - i can relate. the one interview i got told me they wouldn't hire me cuz i'm overqualified. i don't care! i just want a freakin job!! grr.
25th Aug, 2004 10:11 (UTC)
Its the most stupid reason ever isn't it?

You KNOW you're overqualified, but no-one else wants to hire you.. so who the hell cares?


I swear, sometimes I think I would have been better off if I never went to Uni.
25th Aug, 2004 14:09 (UTC)
i so agree. i have a degree - so what? no one is hiring me! a waste of time and money i think. ugh.
25th Aug, 2004 15:33 (UTC)
Yeah, I really sometimes think the 3 years at Uni was only worth it for the friends I made..
25th Aug, 2004 18:33 (UTC)
at least you got something out of it!
25th Aug, 2004 13:58 (UTC)
Perhaps if you don't tell them about all your qualifications, they will give you a job.
25th Aug, 2004 15:33 (UTC)
Mostly tho I don't know the reasons I don't get a responce back.

90% of the companies don't respond at all which just sucks donkey balls as far as I'm concerned.
25th Aug, 2004 14:53 (UTC)
RARG. I hate it when they don't at least call you back. That pisses me off more than them telling me that I didn't get it. sigh.. supid fuckers indeed.
25th Aug, 2004 16:09 (UTC)
This is so exactly my 6 month interregnum which has just ended, I soooo sympathise. Even Rymans tried to fob me off, before I shouted down the phone "Give me any BLOODY job you have!". Blew my lid and got job, not a solution I'd recommend though.

Ryman have vacancies (I think), wanna try? Let me know, I'll forward details.
26th Aug, 2004 02:07 (UTC)
Where are they tho?

Remember I'm out of the london transport zone here in brentwood.
26th Aug, 2004 17:17 (UTC)
Ummm, they're mostly in central london but do have branches around the place - http://www.ryman.co.uk/ branches should be listed on site.

I'll give you the address for HR, send off CV + cover letter, then badger them like I did. HR address should be on site, as I can't find it right now, if you can't get it I'll dig it up.
25th Aug, 2004 18:51 (UTC)
You may want to consider having multiple resumés that you give out depending on the position. My father has a PHD in optics, a Masters in Physics, and has been a programmer for about 25 years (along with other scientific work, held security clearance for the US government, etc...) yet couldn't get a job to save his life at times. So he started leaving off various bits depending on the job and how high level it was. It seemed to work fairly well
26th Aug, 2004 02:06 (UTC)
I do have multiple ones... according to people who supposedly know these things - I'm doing everything right.

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