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Mmmm Thunder

I love a good thunderstorm, there's nothing like it.

And this is nothing like a good thunderstorm *boom boom*

Probably the greatest storm I've been in happened while I was in Chattanooga, proper Hammer Horror style that one was. Lots of fun. This one is just a breezey thundery grey mess *shrugs* I can see some nice fork lightning from my window tho, so it'll do for now.

While I have come to terms with the whol emotional rollercoaster that was my time in The Chatt, and have been for a while, I do still miss there. Its a funky place, no matter how much the residents bicker about it, I know they still think its pretty funky, it its own way. The main thing my mind regrets is that the whole job at Mars Interactive didn't work out, that set up would have been so cool it defys words. I would have been working with the coolest person on the east coast and could have probably whipped my ass into shape by joining the NinjaPoet on his kung-fu quest for greatness. Hell I practically had an apartment sorted

Oh now its raining, good timing.

One thing I don't regret, now at least, is how Avionne and I turned out. I think it has worked out for the best, and Avionne and I still talk, albeit not as much as we used to. I'm with the best girl in the world now, and very happy. We're both as big dorks as each other, and in very similar ways.

I still miss everyone there tho, which is understandable. However I think I'm a very lucky guy in some respects, and while I may be back here I think I hold with the words a wise man once said - "coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving."

Hey look, the sun is coming out...


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(Deleted comment)
24th Aug, 2004 09:45 (UTC)
Very true hon. It would have been very cool, and we were THIS close.. but yeah, I guess it wasn't meant to be that time around..
24th Aug, 2004 09:18 (UTC)
Thunderstorms rock! I'm tempted to name my cat Igor and get the electrodes out.
24th Aug, 2004 10:50 (UTC)
aaaaw...well now that i've found you, i would'nt be with any other dork *squishyhugs*
25th Aug, 2004 08:01 (UTC)
Funky? Chatt's about as funky as a wet hatbox. Though it's true about our storms--they rock. Had one yesterday that shook the walls. Problem with them, though, is that they're so intense that they spend themselves in ten minutes.

Ninjapoet goddamn-near broke his toe last night, ninja-ing. Perhaps he will write a poem about it.
25th Aug, 2004 08:21 (UTC)
Yes, and your Poem-Fu will conquer all! ;)
25th Aug, 2004 08:27 (UTC)
[unsynced dialogue] "Your poetry is inferior, not to mention obsolete."

"Fool! Try my mantis technique!"
25th Aug, 2004 10:23 (UTC)
"Your Mantis is weak old man, and your rhythm is as to me as locusts to crops!"

"Eat hot Iambic Pentameter you critical dog of less than happy parentage!"
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