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Adventure Game Goodness

They are mine! ALL MINE! MWAHAHAHAHAHA! Its a Lucasarts "entertainment pack" 4 classic adventure/point and click game goodness in one box for.. wait for it... £9.99!

Game have a sale on atm for loyalty card customers, turns out that I have one! This pack that I've been lusting over for the past month is in the sale! whoohoo! The only way it could get any better is to swap out the rather poor "Steven Speilburg's The Dig" for Monkey Island 3, then you'd have a pretty much unbeatable combo. As it is... whoo!

Must.. write... twilight.. not play games.

I also picked up the PC version of the Spiderman 2 game, as that was on sale as well (yet its new, go figure). Well.. it blows rancid donkey balls. I'm taking it back today, its THAT BAD. "But Greg!" I hear those of you who played the console version cry "Wait! aren't you enjoying the free roaming kick ass gameplay?" To this I answer... no. Why not? Because its not there.

Its like they took everything that was so goddamn rocking about the console title, and replaced it with a 4 year old edutainment title. Its so bad I feel my very soul has been tarnished just by playing it. With this game Activision and Fizz Factor have taken a sticky rancid dump upon, not only a great licence, but upon the keyboards of all PC gamers. Not even Bruce Campbell's voice over can raise this game up from the pit it belongs in.

At least I can comfort myself with four.. well three.. games from way back when PC games were good... *sigh*


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21st Jul, 2004 07:12 (UTC)
I've got mostly fond memories of The Dig...
21st Jul, 2004 07:31 (UTC)
Oh don't get me wrong, its not bad, its just when you surround it with the other games its certainly the weakest link.

Plus, for the most part, its kinda ugly.

But yeah, fun.
21st Jul, 2004 07:24 (UTC)
I see Sam & Max in there... I LOVE Sam & Max.

"You're a sick puppy, Max."
21st Jul, 2004 07:32 (UTC)
"That's so sweet Sam. I may weep openly."

Yup! :D

Sam & Max, Grim Fandango, Full Throttle, and The Dig :D

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21st Jul, 2004 07:39 (UTC)
Sam and Max! Im uberjealous!
21st Jul, 2004 08:31 (UTC)
I hate you :o(. I don't have a loyalty card.. i want that set. :o( i feel i may be spending more money i don't have very soon. hmmm
21st Jul, 2004 09:30 (UTC)
Well if you have £10 I can buy it FOR you.We'd just swap when I saw you next ;)
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21st Jul, 2004 08:35 (UTC)
oi vey. Frank n Furter is scaring me.

but also YAY, TIM CURRY!!

i'm so confused.
21st Jul, 2004 09:30 (UTC)
hahaha.. a vicious cycle there ;)
(Deleted comment)
21st Jul, 2004 09:40 (UTC)
Re: priorities
haha, yeah it is totally a time sink.

Why do you think I don't post much anymore? Because I fear that I will get sucked back into its wierd insular world ;)
21st Jul, 2004 10:29 (UTC)
*achems* i WOULD remind you that you offered to very generously send me grim fandango when you are done with it...but after reading your post i'd feel like i would be trying to steal your firstborn or something... ;)

i'm glad you're pleased with your games hon, don't let one game aggravate you so much though, especially when it's lead character could be so easily kicked in the crotch...i mean...it's right there!
21st Jul, 2004 10:41 (UTC)
lol.. so thats what kept you amused during the movie huh?

"Hmmm.. Spider-crotch, sooo....kickable."
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22nd Jul, 2004 09:17 (UTC)
I used to love the LucasArts X-Wing series of flight sims. You could control power transfer and all manner of adjustments in your favourite Star Wars spacecraft. What more could an 11 year old ask for?
22nd Jul, 2004 11:33 (UTC)
a dinosaur? ;)
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23rd Jul, 2004 17:23 (UTC)
Maste wants the Preciousss?
Yummy flicks! Ill etem Up!!!
23rd Jul, 2004 17:52 (UTC)
Re: Maste wants the Preciousss?
mmm yes. Tasty!
24th Jul, 2004 23:53 (UTC)
maybe it's too good to be true, i did'nt read the fine print, but hey:
25th Jul, 2004 05:39 (UTC)
US only! *cries*!

IT basically some kinda advertising kick, wierd, but probably legit, I've seen wierder.Prolly spams up your inbox tho.

Sadly I can't do it :(
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1st Aug, 2004 11:00 (UTC)
Cute photo! :)
1st Aug, 2004 13:24 (UTC)
hehe thanks hon!

Same to you! that icon is supercute :)
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