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I am a giant in a land full of hobbits!

Thats seriously what I felt the other day when I got on a double decker bus back from Basildon.

I had to duck to just get into the damn thing, and everyone else had at least a foot clearance to the ceiling. Plus I could only fit my knees in if I sat at the back so I had my legs in the asle.

What the shiny blue fuck?

Am I suddenly Treebeard to everyone elses Pipin here or am I going insane?

Oh and as an aside, arrrghhh parents! Honestly, when you try to explain something that you don't understand, in terms you aren't using properly, and in a field you know nothing about... DON'T be pissed off when I try and tell you what you are talking about can't be done, or has no bearing on what you are trying to suggest, or just plain makes no sense because you don't have a clue on how to communicate it. Especially don't get pissed off when I try to calmly explain how the thing you don't understand works, so you can tell me what on earth you are going on about. Just because you did technical drawing doesn't mean you know shit about web design. Sorry bub, that does not follow (especially when you can't get your head around the fact that a border and a background are two different things).


Oh, random common sense lesson for many "Urban Rights" groups and the like. Just because some schools are taking steps to prevent slang in classrooms this doesn't mean they are stopping childrens expression, it doesn't mean they are imposing cultural restrictions...

It means they are trying to teach the fucking language.

Learning how to speak, write, and generall use english properly will make these kids able to communicate better with everyone else. Oh and for gods sake if I hear one, just fucking one more reference to how Shakespeare made up words I am going to hunt you down and pull out your tongue with a set of pinking shears.

Shakespeare knew how english works. He had a great working knowledge of it, it was because of this that he could bend the rules and create new words and phrases. You have to know how something works before you can really start to use it properly and inovate with it.

Yeah, anyhow, thats it for now. For more bile mixed in with good music (mmm tasty) tune into my radio show tonight (11pm-2am my time) at Eve-Radio.


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8th Jul, 2004 08:31 (UTC)
...Shakespeare made up words...

yeh, well, weren't ALL words "made up" at one point?? :-D
8th Jul, 2004 09:15 (UTC)
so.. exactly how tall are you? at 6 ft. it is hard enough trying to fit into the backseats of most cars. which is why I usually claim the front.
8th Jul, 2004 09:49 (UTC)
somewhere tween 6'3 and 6'4

and same, tho everyone complains... ¬_¬
8th Jul, 2004 14:01 (UTC)
Thankfully most of my friends understand.. or at least act like they do. heh.. no matter.. I get the front. ^_^
8th Jul, 2004 10:01 (UTC)
hahaha! treebeard is made of wood. hahaha...i said wood.
aaaw...poor thing. i'd give you a kiss and pat your head, but you'd have to bend down a bit ;)
8th Jul, 2004 10:45 (UTC)
Re: hahaha! treebeard is made of wood. hahaha...i said wood.
Well, I started to comment about other things in the post....but, then bam! This adorable usericon hit me in the eyes.

Let me let out a big awwwww! and say you two are too cute.

So, onto the post. I think people griping about the slang thing is on the level with allowing Ebonics in the classroom. For grief's sake people, can we not at least have a passing interest in looking educated after all the years of school?

8th Jul, 2004 11:46 (UTC)
aaaaw, thanks ^_^ i love that picture too :D i have a nice big print of it on my wall

i don't know much about linguistics at all...but i'm from the land of ebonics! (oakland CA) they tried to pass something back when i was in junior high about inner city children needing to have separate attention much like the bilingual children. it was SO ridiculous. they were treating the kids like they could'nt understand english. and even MORE ridiculous that they tried passing it off as "ebonics" when ALL the inner city kids speak the same way no matter what their race is. figures that oakland unified public schools were recently taken over by the government.
8th Jul, 2004 12:15 (UTC)
Re: hahaha! treebeard is made of wood. hahaha...i said wood.
bah indeed!

And thank yooou :D *hugs*
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