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Running that "best friend of" meme caused a virus trojan alert from one of the pages its spawns.

If you don't have virus software, or didn't get an alert, then update and run again. I've tested this twice now and same alert twice, plus oodles of nasty software popups. Be warned! I'm sure its nothing malicious by the person who's meme it is, but their hosting does this, so BE CAREFUL.

more complete update later, but I thought I'd warn you all as I've seen many ppl run this meme.


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29th Jun, 2004 07:18 (UTC)
eep! nowhere is safe! run away! run away!
29th Jun, 2004 08:17 (UTC)
ouch, thanks greg! i am so tired of hackers, trojans, and spyware i could just scream. i just want to use the internet people!!
29th Jun, 2004 08:40 (UTC)
At times like this I'm glad I'm on a Mac. :D
29th Jun, 2004 11:07 (UTC)
uhoh...I deleted it..but yeah, I don't have virus protection.
29th Jun, 2004 11:20 (UTC)
well the meme itself isn't what causes it, its the pages it opens when you go to put your name in. I got 4 virus warnings in the endfrom the pages.

Google for a free checker, just to be safe.
29th Jun, 2004 17:03 (UTC)
Use FireFox and this won't be an issue for you. =]
29th Jun, 2004 17:27 (UTC)
I use both Firefox and IE :P

You have do if you do webdesign, besides there are some sites that don't work in Firefox (lousy JS coding, *sigh*).

IE just happenedto be the one I openedformy friends page today.
29th Jun, 2004 17:34 (UTC)
absolutely. I use ie for windows update and my stupid bank's website because they detect whether i'm using ie or not. At least in os x, i can use safari to spoof the browser info.
29th Jun, 2004 17:36 (UTC)
well you can do that in firefox too I beleive, certainly can in Opera, but who wants adsupported software?
29th Jun, 2004 18:01 (UTC)
The only ad supported software I like is google and gmail. The ads are so unobtrusive, I don't even notice them.
29th Jun, 2004 18:07 (UTC)
Yeah, I don't count text ads :)

gmail rocks, its like... hotmail without all the CRAP.
29th Jun, 2004 18:10 (UTC)
Yeah, Gmail 0wnz. I wish they opened the source of that so I could use it for all my customers. I started forwarding some of my mail there because the interface kicks IMP's ass.
29th Jun, 2004 18:17 (UTC)
They'll never open the source. so keep dreaming ;)
29th Jun, 2004 18:24 (UTC)
Dreaming I am. The source code is sitting on a cd in the hands of a beautiful asian woman of which has a british accent and likes to administer unix for fun. She's sitting in the passenger seat of my 2001 Nissan Skyline GT-R of which has a trunk full of money.
29th Jun, 2004 18:28 (UTC)
and your toilet is made of gold I assume? ;)
29th Jun, 2004 20:08 (UTC)
don't get him started on his gold toilet...
29th Jun, 2004 20:32 (UTC)
JS code? firefox? os x? safari? opera? unix? nissan skyline GT-R? ownz? buh?
i'm never letting you two ever meet in the same room...i'd never be able to understand any of your conversations! reading all this banter is like reading a star trek transcript without the excessive use of the words "plasma conduit"...
8th Jul, 2004 08:14 (UTC)
don't forget some variation on the phrases:

"phase modulation"
"uplink coupling"
"energy transfer beam"
and the other classic...
"modulate phase frequencies"
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