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Work In Progress...

restored old photo extract of a small girl

Thought I'd give you all a preview of the image I'm restoring atm, this is just a small extract from it. Its not done yet, but you can see the difference already, and the kind of dirt this one has on it.

This is by far the poorest condition photo I have worked with so far. I decided to work on it for that very reason. At one point I thought it almost unrecoverable in places, but its going ok for the most part now.

Plus.. and she's a relative so I can say this.. doesn't the little girl look really evil here?


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22nd Jun, 2004 19:34 (UTC)
Vintage eh?
Congrat's exellent resto!
22nd Jun, 2004 19:52 (UTC)
Re: Vintage eh?
Thanks! :)

Its not finished yet tho, thought I'd post up an extract tho. You'll see the full thing soon(ish)..
22nd Jun, 2004 22:19 (UTC)
Totally Evil! Great job bringing her "back from the dead" Amazing how much detail you pulled out already.

And I love that sexy icon! What is it about that man? ...the gap between his teeth? ...the lipstick?! grrr!
22nd Jun, 2004 22:35 (UTC)
well, we know where those evil genes went to, and her name rhymes with schmomany ;)
23rd Jun, 2004 02:59 (UTC)
Wonderful job! And yes, she does look evil. You can almost here the mind clicking, thinking of ways it can overtake the world...
23rd Jun, 2004 07:18 (UTC)
you do such a great job with restorations. can't wait to see the final product - if we DARE with that evil plotting look...!!
one of your mischievous ancestors, no doubt?

and..mm..dr. frank-n-furter!! come to me, sexy tranvestive! :-P
23rd Jun, 2004 14:59 (UTC)
thanks hon, its only a part of the original photo tho, she's sitting on a bench.
24th Jun, 2004 05:34 (UTC)
well beach or no beach, she is still plotting someone's demise...perhaps...YOURS!!! :-o
23rd Jun, 2004 09:30 (UTC)
Best. Icon. Ever.
23rd Jun, 2004 14:59 (UTC)
haha... seems to be the general concensus yeah ;)
23rd Jun, 2004 09:33 (UTC)
wow, that girl is very evil looking.
and i love your dr. frank icon. priceless...
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