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damn you all!

Nothing? Nothing?! Nothing, tra la la???!

*scowls at you all*

Anyone would think you have productive days jobs and don't spend all your time goofing off on the net!

Bah! Bah I say.


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24th May, 2004 10:21 (UTC)
i must confess, i DO enjoy your british sense of humor. ;-)

i WISH i could spend all day playing online - if only i get someone to pay me for it!

tra la la!! :-P
24th May, 2004 12:41 (UTC)
day job... what is this?

oo.. finally had a chance to listen to your station. dig it ^_^
24th May, 2004 14:07 (UTC)
meh, it's probly because my name is in it, and no one ever comments on my entries, so it inadvertently jinxed yours
24th May, 2004 15:34 (UTC)
Umm, I'm too boring to make comments.
Move along, nothing to see here...
24th May, 2004 21:21 (UTC)
OUCH! Sheesh, I go away for the weekend and come back to the ever popular Darkcryst in midst of a comment drought! WTF! I must have taken a wrong turn on my way home and ended up in an alternate reality.

Truth be told, all of us girls are just quietly stewing, jealous of miriammiriam going to see you. ;)
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