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There's a new Making Fiends episode. Glorious in its bizzare kids show qualities!

Love it :)

"Ahhaa! I am great! Now give me your liver!"


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17th May, 2004 10:41 (UTC)
Okay. That was scary. Woah.
17th May, 2004 17:12 (UTC)
*sings along with the theme song*

I love it! :D
18th May, 2004 07:58 (UTC)
Once again I am reminded of the rock I have been living under. Eight episodes already complete and I'm just joining the party. Oh the horror!! *looks around terrified* What else have I been missing? Thanks Greg, you're a real fiend!
18th May, 2004 10:41 (UTC)
hahaha, no problem.

You should check out her other stuff like bigbunny.com and muffinfilms.com
18th May, 2004 10:55 (UTC)
where would you be without me, huh? ;)
18th May, 2004 11:07 (UTC)
lol yeah *bows to the mistress of pointless* ;)
18th May, 2004 23:05 (UTC)
thats right! bow to me and sit on my frenchbread couch so i can tell you the story of the turnip king ;)
19th May, 2004 04:44 (UTC)
YAY! The Turnip King! *bounces*
19th May, 2004 10:54 (UTC)
once there were three turnips, and they lived in a giant gingerbread house on lollipop lane in the middle of a maaagical place called "blarnia" i forget how the rest of the story goes, but kiera knightly plays the turnip king's mistress, and anthony hopkins plays the turnip king, who is trying to save his kingdom from the rule of the elected potato and his jehovah's witness cyborg army. i think the moral of the story has something to do with vampires...
19th May, 2004 16:59 (UTC)
Too funny!! :)
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