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Well.. fuck.

Those of you who've been around a while can just tell from the subject this is bad news can't you?

Yeah, it is.

My phone got stolen, which means that I've been unable to contact anyone, missed out on seeing sterilespells and attending her b'day festivities, and lost anyones phone number that I had gained in the last 4 months. Sorry Bex! I wish I could have been there, hope you had a good time *hugs*


So yeah, annoyed and rather uncontactable. Sorry to anyone who's tried to get hold of me, or who I've been unable to see/contact. I blame the theiving little bastards who steal phones that are locked within minutes of them being being lost. Idiots.

I mean, within 10 mins of me finding out I had blocked the phone and passworded the SIM card so no-one could use either of them, so what was their gain? Sheesh..

People are scum.

EDIT - I am actually not as stressed as this would indicate, just rather pissed off at humanity in general about it. Its been a nice weekend, even if I have been doing things I didn't intend to. Sunny and v.warm here (21C or above, thats 70+F for you people working in non metric systems). So yeah...


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17th May, 2004 08:20 (UTC)
Aww, that really sucks, Greg. *big hugs*
17th May, 2004 08:33 (UTC)
OH man... not your phone!! That just sux in too many ways! Address books, pictures, ringtones... uuugh And it was soo pretty, which IS important dammit! Was it insured?
17th May, 2004 09:04 (UTC)
No insurance because I didn't feel I could afford the extra cash per month *sigh*

most of the pictures are backed up onto my PC or in my moblog (who knew that would be another good poitn of it huh?) and yeah.. it WAS pretty :(
17th May, 2004 08:36 (UTC)
I am sorry to hear about your phone. People suck. My phone was stolen last month too... I lost everyone's numbers. I hadn't realized until then how much I depended on it for all that info. I hope you can get all your numbers and everything back. Glad to hear that at least the weather is nice! : )
17th May, 2004 09:03 (UTC)
thanks hon :)

Yeah, I have about 90% of my numbers, but sadly not all of them. I backed up a lot of my numbers some months ago onto my computer (computer link-up cables are a godsend), so its not all doom.

I used to know loads of numbers, but now that I rely on the pone memory, I don't.. progress huh?
17th May, 2004 10:59 (UTC)
*hugs* miss you hon
17th May, 2004 17:12 (UTC)
awww... I miss you too! *squeeze* Hope you are having fun in Santa Cruz.

I saw a plump frog today and thought of you... and there's really no way I can put that and it sounds good ;)
17th May, 2004 18:31 (UTC)
*LOL* that's okay...i understand ;) was it so plump that it could only have adventures inside it's imagination?

i am having fun :) i saw some fat little birds today! you'd love it here, i've eaten nothing but mexican food so far
18th May, 2004 06:46 (UTC)
Oooo... see it gets my vote already then ;)

And no, it wasn't fat, just plump. I got photos of it too ;)
(Deleted comment)
18th May, 2004 06:46 (UTC)
heh, you have silly phone theives that keep the sim card in the phone ;)

Mind you phone theft is pointless anyhow, just blacklist the IMEI number and they can't use it.

Cool for londonness! ;) We shall definatly have to meet up :)
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