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New Terry Pratchett book!

"A Hat Full of Sky"

£3 off retail price!


It features the witches and the Nac Mac Feegle! See you in a few hours! *reads*

anab1 you'll love it, just look at this decal from the inside cover:

I know you want that pendant now, I know I do! So pretty.


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6th May, 2004 09:19 (UTC)
ooh ! pretty! want dat!
6th May, 2004 16:31 (UTC)
I MUST HAVE PRATCHETT. Will kill anyone short of presidency (too hard to get away with otherwise all for it) for that book!
6th May, 2004 17:39 (UTC)
Haha.. its a sequel to the Free Wee Men (or somthing, I forget). Its not.. a direct DiscWorld book, its "A Story Of Discworld"

Kinda one of those companion stories.
7th May, 2004 18:57 (UTC)
But still....it's pratchett. That's like saying gold from russia is just russian gold and so not as good as american gold.
7th May, 2004 23:59 (UTC)
LOL looks like I could make a pretty penny importing it into the states ;)
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