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An interesting meme.

A meme that requires some actual thought and work.

Abortion?:pro-choice, but they should reduce the number of weeks that its allowable for.
Death Penalty?:Against, there really is no reason for it other than revenge and social disgust.
Prostitution?:Should be legalised and regulated. Would be better for all involved.
Alcohol?:If you're buying.. sure.
Marijuana?:Not the solution to work peace that stoners think it is.
Other drugs?:Regulated, clean, and sensible drugs legalisation will never happen, but its what should happen.
Gay marriage?:Everyone deserves equal rights. Civil Unions don't give that. Nuff said.
Illegal immigrants?:The immigration system causes most of the problems, but you should still apply.
Smoking?:Ugly, nasty habbit, stinks, and hurts other people.
Drunk driving?:should have harsher penalties for it. No excuse.
Cloning?:Opens up an interesting discussion about what a person is. The technology I'm all for though.
Racism?:Stupid and pointless, but sadly seems to be increasing in a casual social sense.
Premarital sex?:as long as its protected and concensial, sure. Both parties need to be emotionally ready though.
Religion?:hahahaha.. don't get me started. Faith is fine tho, religion is a different matter.
The war in Iraq?:long term results will be good for Iraq. We were lied to about it though, and too many people are dying to make the ends justify the means.
Bush?:Dangerous puppet of his old boy administration. I hold no malice towards him, but he's managed to destroy most of the good will America had, and screw the peoples rights over.
Downloading music?:I suport artists, but I loathe the record industry. Plus if you were never going to buy the album anyhow.. what is one song? Some solution is needed.. iTunes is a good start.
The legal drinking age?:18 here, that seems sensible.
Porn?:Its flesh.. we'll all see, and do many of the things mainstream porn shows. Ppl need to accept that underneath their clothes, they are naked.
Suicide?:Should never need to be an option, there are always other ways out. Euthenasia tho.. thats another topic.

What is your stand on..... brought to you by BZOINK!


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24th Apr, 2004 00:19 (UTC)
explain the religon thing...I didn't quite get that
24th Apr, 2004 04:23 (UTC)
Religeon for me is just a bunch of people having a social group. A formalised group that tells YOU what to believe about YOUR faith and spirituality.

Its just another aspect of the human need to form a 'them and us' group. You don't need a church, or a priest, or anything other than yourself to believe in anything, or spread that belief.

The rest is a false construct, and just promotes the bad sides of human natures.
24th Apr, 2004 11:19 (UTC)
I never really looked at it that way. I mean, I have a religon..(hinduism) I never goto church or anything cause I always thought I didn't have to goto some place to show that I believe in god and everything, my parents would always get mad when I said that they would say, that you must go to learn about our culture bla bla
24th Apr, 2004 19:14 (UTC)
see.. I'm of the opinion that if someones cuture is inseperable from the church.. there's problems ;)

I'm totally with you here. You can agree with a religeons principles, without having to go to church.

Its just a name for what's in your head anyhow. What right does anyone have over you in that respect... none.
24th Apr, 2004 23:01 (UTC)
Very true.
26th Apr, 2004 04:13 (UTC)
ts just another aspect of the human need to form a 'them and us' group. You don't need a church, or a priest, or anything other than yourself to believe in anything, or spread that belief.

I agree..

People need to realize that, I think. Then again, some people just like those groups and such.

But sometimes, it's needed to guide a person in the "right direction" .. though it doesn't help much in cases where the church/leader it/himself is corrupt.
26th Apr, 2004 07:38 (UTC)
A guide is one thing, but a guide lets you find your own way while helping you. Churches are more a lock-in type deal.

And yeah, the power and such that comes with a church is corrupting. Even the Dali Lama is turning that way. Not that he's corrupt, but the system to get to him is all about who you know and how much you can bribe them with.
24th Apr, 2004 07:13 (UTC)
Wow, a meme that makes you think!
I like it! Mind if I steal for my LJ?
24th Apr, 2004 08:48 (UTC)
Re: Wow, a meme that makes you think!
Go for it, just click the link at the bottom, fill it out and bang.. html code ;)

Yeah, it does make you think, so its one of the few meme's I've done.
26th Apr, 2004 15:50 (UTC)
Re: Wow, a meme that makes you think!
Actually that was harder that I thought. Guess it's been to long between good soul searches. Thanks for the mental/emotional workout.
26th Apr, 2004 17:21 (UTC)
Re: Wow, a meme that makes you think!
my pleasure, tho I only found the meme :)
26th Apr, 2004 04:17 (UTC)
You know..
I'm very interested in what you have to say about euthanasia. I did a project on it last year.. and I guess my curiosity about people's stance on that topic has stuck with me.
26th Apr, 2004 07:43 (UTC)
Hmm, well in a nutshell.. I support the concept.

Dragging someones life out when they are going to die a long painful nasty death is not kind.

I equate assisted suicide on medical grounds like the cultures where someone would take a 'long walk' into the wilderness. They'd live as long as they could, but it was their choice, and their choice on how to live and die.

When you bring religeon into it things get more complex, but thats not a decision for the law to make, that one is something for the person to make with their beliefs.
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