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To you, the viewing public.

I have a number of things I want to write about, but I'm often torn as to what part of my cognative spleen to vent, or I'm just plain lazy about it.

So I decided to let you choose, or suggest, a topic to write. The choices below are a couple of the ideas that I've been batting around lately, or you can suggest something else. Its up to you. I probably will write both at some point, then again I've said that before.. something else might come up and I'll forget.

Poll #283128 You're the audience...

What should I write about?

Why opinions can be wrong: The fallacy of internet arguments.
Zombies! My view of the Living Dead.
something else (suggest below).

What else, if anything, should I write about?

Oh! Also, if you visit my actual journal, as opposed to reading through your friends lists, you'll see that I've put a neat little display box thatshows my latest moblog post, linked and all. Took a while of searching, but I finally worked out how to customise the Opal s2 style to do that. ITs not really that hard, but its nifty.. check it out.


23rd Apr, 2004 07:42 (UTC)
hey i left a comment on your cellblog thingy and it made it anonymous...i want barbecue food!! yummy!
23rd Apr, 2004 07:53 (UTC)
you have to put a name in there, its not related to LJ, if you DID put a name in.. I dunno.

Yeah bbq would be nice. Its the perfect weather for it.
23rd Apr, 2004 08:17 (UTC)
oh - heh...ok then! mmm...bbq...*drool*
23rd Apr, 2004 08:59 (UTC)
I'm with you there.. believe me...
23rd Apr, 2004 09:46 (UTC)
so you must like the dark crystal then?
i like most movies like that-that are either fantasy or involve muppets - or both!
i like quite a few of the same things on your list...i just made mine more comprehensive (or my list would get really long!)

being seduced (yep who doesn't love this?) books, calvin and hobbes (love them!) classic films (ah, the classics - classic books are good too) cooking (mmmm...food) cult movies (i think this is the same as b movies, which i was raised on) dark things (my dark side likes this!), flying circus (yay!) green eyes (ooh yeh!), imagination (people without this are boring) labyrinth (yay!), monty python (peed my pants the first time i saw monty python), poetry, purple, rain (i love the smell of rain in the desert), reading (ah, escapism)rocky horror (lotsa fun!), the crow (loved it - dark and interesting), the divine comedy (read it - also quite intereting), the holy grail (a classic), the princess bride, thundercats (sword of omens give me sight beyond sight!), tim burton, tim curry, vampires, willy wonka (love that chocolate waterfall - i read both the first book and the sequel when i was young)
23rd Apr, 2004 10:09 (UTC)
actually by "the divine comedy" I meant the band. ;) but yay :)

Sounds like we have lots in common :)
23rd Apr, 2004 10:14 (UTC)
don't know that band - but they must be good cuz they have a kewl name!

yep - i am finding quite a few people on lj that i have things in common with, which is difficult for me in real life - perhaps because people here are not afraid to be themselves!
23rd Apr, 2004 10:17 (UTC)

Also you have more chance, I mean there's more ppl on here, in more areas, and with more varied interests, than you'll find in almost any place you go out to.
23rd Apr, 2004 10:23 (UTC)
that is true - people all over the world!
i actually found one person that is local to where i live! but most are not..still fun to chat with though.