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Birthday Post

Yup, its my birthday!

Recent years have dulled me to birthdays quite a bit, and this year is no-exception, but I got some thoughtful presents, so thats nice - thanks miriammiriam!).

Most of my presents were from my family, and they all had a sports theme. This is because my parents bought me gym membership.. so cool! :) I plan to use it, no waste it.

However, just after that came the "so.. what would you like for your birthday dinner?" question.

Oh crap. Food.

The reason I never, ever, cook for my family is because they are all bloody wierdos. My dad hates any pasta, my mum is the same with fish, my sister hates anything with any kind of spices in (not hot, including for flavour). This pretty much covers everything I like.

So the conversation went something like this:

"Ummm.... Mexican?"
"ok.. we could buy some food and cook it here!"
"Sounds cool to me."
"ick, its spicy, I don't like spicy"
"Er.... ok.." *sigh* "Thai?"
"That's all fish!"
"Fish, its all fish."
"No its not, most of it isn't in fact."
"Well... I don't like fish."
*gives up*
"Dad hates pasta, and Presso sucks." (the local good italian, who's waiting time is glacial).
"Hmm k... er..."
"Havester?" ( a chain of nice enough pub/resturant places, not exactly my choice tho).
"Eh... could do, but I'm not jumping at it."
*sister suggests a GREAT idea*
"Tapas bar?"
"great plan. sounds good!"
"nooo I don't want to leave brentwood"

So we ended up on Harvester, which.. you know.. is ... ok. But really would have been my last choice. In fact it wasn't my choice AT ALL, but my family decided it was a good thing, without listening to me really. I actually was really up for mexican, I like mexican, I miss mexican.

But noooo *sigh* that would require some form of co-operation or adventure from my family. Bloody boring ppl that they are.

happy birthday to me... happy birthday to me...


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17th Apr, 2004 05:56 (UTC)
Haaaaapppy bu'fday tooo j00000000

Megir þú eiga snilldardag, rokka langfeitast, sigrast á leiðinlegum fjölskylduhjössum, standa þig í ræktinni og dansa eins og vindurinn inn í nýtt ár!

17th Apr, 2004 06:00 (UTC)

Now to work out what all that means! sounds RUDE ;) :P
17th Apr, 2004 07:06 (UTC)
*throws quesedillas, fajitas, buritos and chicken wings at ye*

i'll cook you some mexican if you come over :o) No problemo amigo!

17th Apr, 2004 07:50 (UTC)
Happy Birthday! I hope you truly enjoy it (despite the family/dining nightmare) : )
17th Apr, 2004 08:06 (UTC)
Oh it should be ok, just typifies my family really. Thats all.

thank you :)
(Deleted comment)
17th Apr, 2004 08:14 (UTC)
awwthank you! :)
17th Apr, 2004 08:16 (UTC)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!


hope you have a wonderful day =)
17th Apr, 2004 08:42 (UTC)
Happy Birthday!!! *birthday smooches*
17th Apr, 2004 10:27 (UTC)
aww.. thank you hon :) *hugs*
17th Apr, 2004 09:06 (UTC)

Happy birthday to the sexiest guy I've never met! 

Now be a good boy and tell the nice lady in the icon how many spankings you get!

17th Apr, 2004 10:24 (UTC)
awwwwww *blushes*
17th Apr, 2004 09:10 (UTC)
If you were close by I would take you out for some good mexican food. :( I hope you are having a good day anyway! :) Love ya!
17th Apr, 2004 10:25 (UTC)
I miss the mexican food all over the place that you have there :/
17th Apr, 2004 09:44 (UTC)
Happy birthday. May your long-hidden mutant powers finally manifest themselves, hopefully without any disastrous consequences for your loved ones that would turn you into a shadowy anti-hero.
17th Apr, 2004 11:07 (UTC)
happy birthday to yoooooooooooooooooooou!!
17th Apr, 2004 11:37 (UTC)
you get 24 kisses
*smooch smooch smooch smooch smooch smooch smooch smooch smooch smooch smooch smooch smooch smooch smooch smooch smooch smooch smooch smooch smooch smooch smooch smooch*
happy birthday! i'm glad you liked your gift, sorry it was'nt an ipod ;) send me a txt when you want your phone call
17th Apr, 2004 11:49 (UTC)
Happy belated B-day;) Yes, I'm slow. Sorry that your family couldn't just eat mexican for your special day...but you can still cook you up some yourself right?
17th Apr, 2004 11:53 (UTC)
i thought maybe the boobie birthday flash would cheer you up a bit. ;)

damn families. :|
i on the other hand would drive you 50+ miles for some good tapas. the closest tapas place to us is three hours away in Dallas. and that is just a tapas place, not necessarily the best or even good.
my brothers birthday is today too, and guess where we are going tonite? mexican. i swear you guys are very close to being twins of personality.
17th Apr, 2004 15:42 (UTC)
lol seemingly yeah :)

There is a good small chain of tapas places here, just my parents didn't want to drive for 15mins!
17th Apr, 2004 15:45 (UTC)
man 15 minutes isn't anything around here, we drive 20 to work one way everyday.
17th Apr, 2004 18:09 (UTC)
Its not anything here.

My parents are just wierd.

30mins plus... I can see how that is effort, but still..
17th Apr, 2004 21:51 (UTC)
Just got back from a movie...realized I'm a little late with the birthday wishes. Pardon me? I was driving all day. :)

Happy Birthday, Greg.
17th Apr, 2004 22:58 (UTC)
*checks watch*

it is STILL the 17th!
Happy Birthday Greg!!
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