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Stuffed you probably don't know.

So you now know, part of the fuzziness over my last post has been solved.

The younger girl is Hannah Nurse, my Great-Grandmother. As for Dorothy, well.. thats where its a bit confusing.

I've no idea.

No record of her ever existing, so... something to turn up in future research I guess. Can't find her in any documents my dad has that go backt o well before this period. So, yeah.. odd.

Oh and I have a MoBlog. That is, a place to post mobile phone images and some text, and you can comment as well if you like! Its free, which is pretty cool, and powered by donations. You get more features if you donate, so us LJ'ers know that system reasonably well huh?

Anyhow, already posted two images, will post as I find things to take photos of I'm sure.

on another note... people that say they'll call and then don't piss me off. Especially when you call them and they don't answer the damn phone. Once is fair enough, but two days? Infuriating. Grr


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(Deleted comment)
15th Apr, 2004 11:04 (UTC)
Yeah, well this was of the no good reason variety...

bastardo that the man is.. grrrr.

Long time no see from you too! *hugs*
(Deleted comment)
15th Apr, 2004 11:23 (UTC)
Dorothy is staring wierdly a bit. That could be part of photos back then tho.. you had to be very still.

But yeah.. I also had to restore a pupil in her left eye (right side) because it was all crappified from age.
15th Apr, 2004 12:39 (UTC)
thats exactly what gauri did to me! which is why im still not talking to her :P she was the flakiest flake who ever flaked, so i know how you feel hon.
15th Apr, 2004 12:44 (UTC)
as for the other topic...
the reason you can't find any record of her is because SHE'S A GHOST!!! OOOOOOOoooooooooooOOOOOOOOoooooo! she's haunting your family photos and the only way to release her spirit is to touch up and restore the rest of them. ;) and something about a magic amulet too probably...im not as well versed in photo hauntings as i'd like to be.
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