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Apple Whore!

I'm working on anothing image right now, but I thought I'd post this in the mean time.

Basically just a reminder that its my birthday coming up (April 17th), and while I'd prefer to see you all, gifts are always nice ;)

The campain to get a pretty pretty iPod continues, for I am not close to getting one yet :(

Yes, feel my whoreage.. buy my love! ;)

EDIT - I want to make it plain that I don't expect ppl to suddenly whip $100 bucks out their asses.. the idea here is more "Cant think of what to get me? Don't want to spend the same that you paid for the gift as on mailing charges? Only got a few bucks? Contribute!" not.. "give me your money now! else you are a bad friend".


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9th Apr, 2004 08:49 (UTC)

I felt the power of the iPod too...and have bought one over eBay. Mmmm...
9th Apr, 2004 09:11 (UTC)
get a good deal?
9th Apr, 2004 09:36 (UTC)
Yes, yes. I'm quite happy with the deal. I just checked and they only ship to the US, though. Ugh.
9th Apr, 2004 09:40 (UTC)
9th Apr, 2004 11:52 (UTC)
Sorry I am po!
9th Apr, 2004 14:58 (UTC)
no need to be sorry hon! I fully understand, kinda why I started the campaign ;)

I don't expect anyone to contribute.. just would be nice if ppl did, rather than get me a prezzie or something, hell even if they weren't getting me something.. coupl of bucks helps ;) you know?.. and if they were..saves them on postage for a start.

But don't feel that I'm saying "Give me money or you SUCK as a friend"! Not at all! *hugs*
9th Apr, 2004 22:39 (UTC)
i hope you're happy. for the last 5 hrs i've had "can't buy me love" by the beatles stuck in my head, and it's not the best thing to be humming during a passover seder when everyone is talking about the angel of death and the striking of the first born. ;)
10th Apr, 2004 06:52 (UTC)
What? like...

"Lo, and the angel of death said.." can't buy me loooove!
"You must strike your first born with a large mallet because you.." can't buy me loooove!

Wow.. the lyrics mean something completely new now!
12th Apr, 2004 11:11 (UTC)
God of War
oooo... another aries!! My bday was the 9th.

Happy early Birthday!

sorry I can't contribute to your fund... my funds are a bit on the low side :(
12th Apr, 2004 19:18 (UTC)
Re: God of War
I know the feeling - exactly why I'm asking for help ;)
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