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Spam ahoy!

Either spammers really don't care about selling the stuff they spam about, or there is some zen koan methodology going on here. I mean take the following example:

With newer medicines there is often online poker no formal information about safety in online casino pregnancy. Nowadays, when new drugs roulette castinosin casino are tested, soma women who are or might internet casino become pregnant are not allowed to take casino bonus part in the safety tests. This means roulette that we
do not have the same information black jack on safety in pregnancy which we have poker

So let me get this straight? With your new drugs I can play poker on a casino machine safely with no chance of getting pregnant? Are you sure? Is The Great Las Vegas Baby Plague finally no longer a threat?

Would "The Las Vegas Baby Plague" make a great name for a rock band?

Enquiring minds would like to know.

Its flattering that my articles get comment spam like this in a way (yes, that was the second comment spam I posted), because that means that people are actually linking to, and reading, my work. Of cource its the main article that I'd be known for, my big ass PNG file one, but yah.. still flattering in a way.

It will get boring fast I'm sure.


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5th Apr, 2004 16:33 (UTC)
Whew. I am tired of going to casinos and getting pregnant. What a relief!
5th Apr, 2004 16:34 (UTC)
I know! Why, I had 17 babies just last week! Finally someone found a cure.
5th Apr, 2004 20:15 (UTC)
you had 17 babies?! you lied to me and told me you were a pure virgin flower! *cries* damn you casino!!! DAMN YOOOU!!!
5th Apr, 2004 20:32 (UTC)
when the hell did I say THAT?! ;)
5th Apr, 2004 20:37 (UTC)
right after you told me about your religious devotion to kelp...and about how you've visited mars on several occasions and cured the common cold, must be one of your pick-up lines or something ;)
5th Apr, 2004 20:07 (UTC)
NOW I get it!
Oh- so that's why they don't want anyone under 18 past the white tape on the carpet in the Vegas airport- they might see naked bodies or something!

That makes so much more sense than what I had been told.

Band name for sale!
5th Apr, 2004 20:48 (UTC)
Mind Opened <--- actually born in Reno, NV

*Scratches head & considers a long talk with mom*
6th Apr, 2004 17:51 (UTC)
that's almost as bad as one of the my emails I got a while back. "Man gets arrested for molesting a squirrel." Ha! Of course I already told you about that one, but it's still funny.
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