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I must be famous...

I got my first comment spam at TwilightUniverse today!

The viagra boys must think I'm special, bless them.


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3rd Apr, 2004 09:36 (UTC)
Two questions.
1) How did things work out (or how are they working out) with your iPod fund?

2) Is that your eye in the user pic?
3rd Apr, 2004 09:55 (UTC)
Re: Two questions.
oooh.. questions!

um.. well:

1) er... not enough for me to get one yet, or anywhere near tbh, but it was nice to see people help me out like that. I'll prolly pimp it monday or something, after all its nearly two weeks till my b'day anyhow.

2) yup! tho my eye isn't THAT blue normally tho. Was taken with my webcam. All of the icons that aren't the ones that obviously aren't me, are me.
3rd Apr, 2004 11:39 (UTC)
well, it is stupid american day...
i don't understand that spam, all i understood were the words "viagra" and "ortho tri-cyclen" so if i put two and two together, it sounds like therye offering you viagra AND birth control pills. you should take them up on it so you don't get pregnant ;)
3rd Apr, 2004 11:48 (UTC)
Re: well, it is stupid american day...
yeah its a disjointed mess.. they also seem to be promoting digital cameras..

maybe its like.. "Hey, have hard sex all night long, but don't get pregnant! Hey, take photos too! you know you'll like them, ya perv!"
3rd Apr, 2004 13:11 (UTC)
Re: well, it is stupid american day...
i want one! ;)
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