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For no good reason, but perhaps some understandable ones.

Probably some reasons that I should have got over and out of my system a long time ago.

But thats not the way people work is it?

Its amazing how one thing can affect you so much.

I feel like ranting about things, and I want to.. but at the same time I don't, because it might hurt people that read my journal (at least.. I think they do, who knows?)... and that wouldn't be the intent.

Wow this entry is so far the rambling incoherrent mess that LJ promotes so well isn't it?

On that note...


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31st Mar, 2004 04:01 (UTC)
sorry, dear.

31st Mar, 2004 04:04 (UTC)
You've nothing to be sorry about hon.

So don't be *hugs*
31st Mar, 2004 06:24 (UTC)
much like mine lately my dear. Rant away if you need to. Leave them as private posts or filter people who might take it the wrong way. Just get it out.
31st Mar, 2004 15:49 (UTC)
i second the filtering or making private posts.
i know i do it and it really helps.
and if people don't like knowing that they are not privy to all the ins and outs of your thought than that is just too bad. no one gets to know everything about someone else, ever.
besides it sounds like you need to worry about getting some of the stuff out of you, not what others are thinking.
1st Apr, 2004 09:19 (UTC)
The thing is... It would just piss me off while writing it, and I don't think I'd ever be able to put things exactly how I feel them anyhow.

I've never seen the point of private posts.. I can tell myself something, writing it down doesn't have any theraputic effect on me. If I was to post it, that would be the point.. to post it.. to get it out...

I dunno, if I do actually post all that I'll prolly just lj-cut it, that way people can choose to read it, if they choose and get pissed off.. they were warned, y'know?

But like I said.. I'd prolly get so narked writing it I'd never finish it.
1st Apr, 2004 10:27 (UTC)
ah, well i understand all those reasons too.
31st Mar, 2004 17:09 (UTC)
[hugs] Sorry to hear.
1st Apr, 2004 09:17 (UTC)
*hugs* thanks hon, but I'm ok...

1st Apr, 2004 23:19 (UTC)
I'm not sure what or who you are angry about, but I hope things get resolved soon. I kind of doubt that I have anything to do with the situation, but if I do, please let me know.
2nd Apr, 2004 02:32 (UTC)
No hon, you didn't, not at all. :)
2nd Apr, 2004 10:01 (UTC)
*whew!* heheh... *winks*
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