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People are, quite rightly, pissed off about these remarks Bush made. Now I'm all up for good humour, but holdup a minute, that just isn't funny.

People who say lighten up need to think of it the other way around. What if Osama's latest video release featured him holding up a photo of the WTC and him going "Whoops *snigger*"

Would it be funny then?

More people have died in Iraq than in the WTC, over 10,000 Iraq's (8,000+ of them civilians, surgical strike my ass), and nearly 600 (about 580 to be more exact) US Soldiers. Thats not counting soliders from my home country, or the rest of the 'Axis of The Willing.'

So thats nearly tripple the lives lost in the, still horrific, Sept 11th attacks.

See why I struggle to find the humor? The fact that Bush is making light of the very reason he claims he went to war, the very reason all those people DIED, just proves to me that he is a dangerous madman out of touch with the world.

I swear, if november rolls around and he's still in office.. there will be riots. Hell, there should be.


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27th Mar, 2004 09:48 (UTC)
There'd better be.
Brett and I were speaking of the importance of not voting for Nader or another "nice" candidate outside of the Democratic Party right now. It's all well and good to vote that way when a race isn't close- but this one is- and we need to vote for the candidate with the best chance of ousting GW.

And yes, if Mr. Bush is still in the White House after the election, there had better be some protesting. I'll have to figure out what to ahead of time, just in case.
27th Mar, 2004 11:15 (UTC)
Re: There'd better be.
Yeah, there's a lot of people that just try and dismiss people as "anyone but bush" or ABB's and think that because someone is THAT DESPERATE to get rid of the guy they like.. this is somehow a point against them.

When we find ourself in the situation that ANYONE would be better, thats a sorry reflection on the current administration.
27th Mar, 2004 13:49 (UTC)
Re: There'd better be.
I agree to both of you. I am just hoping that our election in november can scare us all, and make our administration a whole HELL of a lot better.

and if Bush wins... i will NOT be a happy camper, and there WILL be protests.

such a happy note to end on eh? *tinckling of laughter*
27th Mar, 2004 14:40 (UTC)
Re: There'd better be.
it's definately time to just vote for the democrat, because the republicans just have *TOO MUCH* power.

after reading that... just cements the resolution.
28th Mar, 2004 16:56 (UTC)
Ive been totally against this war from the start, but Ive recently gotten a nice new reason to hate it (and Bush). If you check out Iraqbodycount.net and look around November 3rd there was a roadside bomb that hit a convoy. My boyfriends father was in that convoy, sitting in the seat directly above where the bomb went off. You can bet that come November, I will not be voting for King George, and if he wins, I will be a rioter.
28th Mar, 2004 20:22 (UTC)
Frankly the prospect of "King George" on the throne for another 4 years scares the hell out of me. With all he has done so far it's just... unimaginable! It's going to take the next president at least that long just to start to clean up his mess. And really his next four would probably be worse, how much has he held back because he might not get re-elected. He will now have nothing to lose...
29th Mar, 2004 15:16 (UTC)
I bet there were people in that audience who were laughing 'AT' him with the realisation of his imminent scalding for doing such a joke in his position.
29th Mar, 2004 15:23 (UTC)
I'd like to think that... but you know.. I doubt it.
30th Mar, 2004 11:52 (UTC)
I couldn't agree more
I honestly don't thnk he'll be anywhere near the white house come this November, or perhaps that's just my optimism speaking. There are a growing number of "anyone but Bush" voters and I think that will be enough to get him out. If not, I will join the rioters wholeheartedly.
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