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While waiting for a test render for a project I'm doing as a favour to my sister... I fell asleep.

As it was past 10pm, this wasn't too bad. However I am now up at 3:43am, so overall it didn't acomplish much I guess.

However.. thats not the wierd part.

While I was asleep I dreamt I that I (somehow) was back in TN, and had popped in to see cmpriest. Cherie was surprised to see me, and was looking very slick in a a new long black coat I may add.

Jym was unconcious on the sofa, cause unknown.

Anyhow, Cherie and I kept trying to have a conversation, but were always interupted. Things like.. fear of waking Jym up, spainy, random yahoos, and other fun stopped us from talking. Then, just as we were going to....

... I woke up. Damnit!

So what is so wierd about that you might ask? Well... a) I rarely dream so vividly anymore b) I really rarely dream about people I know, and c) When I woke up guess who had a YIM box on my screen poking me?

Yeah, Cherie. She'd gone offline so I couldn't reply to her... damn. What are the odds? Especially as she is NEVER on any IM. Cherie, when/if you read this.. I wasn't ignoring you.. I was asleep, and my brain taunts me.

I am psychic, and my brain uses its powers for evil.

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