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Random Linkage

A proper post at some point I swear, but for now...

I want to see this movie, and I have NO IDEA what is going on.. but it looks incredible. It is also japanese, this doesn't surprise me, the asian movie market has been producing incredible visual movies for a few years now that piss all over most of the usual Hollywood garbage.

Oh.. and its great fun when that twisted git Rumsfeld gets owned on national tv. Explain your way out of that.


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20th Mar, 2004 11:43 (UTC)
that movie IS the coolest movie i've seen when it comes to visuals since the cell...it looks like cloning may have something to do with the theme, or genetics of some kind, but who cares what its about? it is tasty eye candy. add it to the list of movies we're going to watch ;)
do you know when it comes out?
20th Mar, 2004 19:18 (UTC)
Re: wow
Not the foggiest.. unless someone can read japanese!
20th Mar, 2004 16:13 (UTC)

Loved the link on Rumsfeld, "forgetfulness"* seems to be running rampant in the Bush camp lately.  Not surprising really - there is quite a bit I'd like to forget about Bush myself.  Like his name...

*I hope posting links in a comment is OK.  I'm fairly new to LJ and am like stranger trying to learn the customs of a new country.  Please do me the favor of "slapping my hand" as is nessasary :-)


20th Mar, 2004 19:16 (UTC)
Re: Busted!
links are cool ;) don't worry :D

And I guess we've come to expect double talk and lies so much from these guys that its scary what we put up with.

And we means the world in this sense, not just the US.
20th Mar, 2004 19:52 (UTC)
Well in that case...
I don't read Japanese either but it looks to be out 4/24, at least in Japan.  I have dial up so didn't download the Casshern trailer but out of curiosity did a English only search on google and came up with this site.  Glad I did, just the pic's at the bottom of the page made me drool.  I'm still drawn to anything that reminds me of Bladerunner...  Anyway from that site you can link to Casshern's site.
20th Mar, 2004 22:49 (UTC)
jake says:
"It's like they took every single anime cliche, and used the maaaaaagic of special effects to turn it into a live action movie that looks like the Matrix, if it was Japanese. as opposed to Americans trying to be Japanese. they will have my eight dollars if they put more subtitles into it.the title sounds like "cashew." I like robots."

not that his opinion matters, i was just amazed i got a response at all when i sent him the trailer link. ;) course now i think im going to be calling it "cashew"
20th Mar, 2004 23:12 (UTC)
Re: jake says:
i *heard* that it's based off of a 70s anime, but i don't know anything else beyond that. i'm off to attempt some online fact-finding.

my coworker actually showed me the clip of this movie today, and i'd forgotten what it was called, and thus was rather pissed at myself until i saw that you had it linked ;D
21st Mar, 2004 00:59 (UTC)
Re: jake says:
my brother did a bit of research on it and found that it IS based off of a 70's anime comic strip and that the plot is something like..."man builds robots that help control pollution. robots rebel and attack human race. man grafts his body with machinery in order to fight them. love story somewhere in between."
but i dont know about trusting his research skills ;) and the lovestory part looks obvious
21st Mar, 2004 10:01 (UTC)
Re: jake says:
hee hee... well, if you ignore my most recent journal post, i dedicated the one previous *just* to this subject, after i did some Googling :D
21st Mar, 2004 13:21 (UTC)
Re: jake says:
cool! i will most definately check it out and reap the benefits of your googling.
22nd Mar, 2004 00:04 (UTC)
Re: jake says:
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