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A Happy Present From The Earth


w00t and all that! :)

You see, we don't have pocky here, well.. we kind of do, but its not quite the same, or in as many varieties.

So Miriam sent me some to *ahem* lose my Pocky virginity to.

Plus she sent some Wasabi Roasted Peas... mmm.. Avi got me hooked on those in TN :) Somethign we again, don't have.


*dances the pocky pea dance*


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11th Mar, 2004 12:16 (UTC)
Pocky is a food group.

Wasabi peas are one of my favorite snacks. Did she send you the really big can?

If ever you need more Pocky or things of that nature, feel free to shout out. One of the nice things about living in the NE is that we have some great ethnic markets to shop at.

Have you been able to try Ramune soda yet?
11th Mar, 2004 12:27 (UTC)
Re: Pocky!
whoandthewhatnow soda?

No she sent me the foil vacumpacked bag of peas :) the huge tin would cost loads to ship!
11th Mar, 2004 12:42 (UTC)
Re: Pocky!
The one thing I noticed about the vacuum-packed peas is that some of them were just right, others not hot at all, and a few were absolute fireballs!

Ramune Soda. It's also known as "marble soda" because it has a marble sealing it closed instead of a twist-top or bottle cap.

A couple of different Ramune varieties...>
11th Mar, 2004 15:10 (UTC)
Re: Pocky!
If you have ever seen RahXephon the soda makes a debut in it. Good stuff it is.

I got the luxury of trying pumpkin Pocky... it was soooo nummy. probably my second fav. Strawberry is my first.

damn.. now I am craving pocky
12th Mar, 2004 12:24 (UTC)
Re: Pocky!
I've not seen it, so no ;)

Strawberry is nice, but atm I'm favouring chocolate over it, those are the only two flavours I've had so far tho ;)
11th Mar, 2004 12:25 (UTC)
I am not to blame for the peas. Jess and James brought those. ;)
11th Mar, 2004 12:36 (UTC)
Well I blame you :P you gave them to me to try oh pusher of wasabi goods! ;)
11th Mar, 2004 13:07 (UTC)
Fine, fine. ;)
11th Mar, 2004 13:01 (UTC)
it got there already? that was fast!
there's a pocky pea dance? you'll have to teach that to me sometime ;)

have fun losing your pocky virginity! now the next time you feel like marrying a snack food, you CAN'T. because the marriage will not be considered legal in any convenience store, and you will be stoned to death with wasabi peas like the impure snack ho you are. ;)
11th Mar, 2004 13:11 (UTC)
Re: it got there already? that was fast!
11th Mar, 2004 19:40 (UTC)
what the pock is Pocky? I've never heard of it. Apparently from the other comments I've been missing out on something.
12th Mar, 2004 12:22 (UTC)
think japanese cookie sticks, shaped like chopsticks, and dipped in chocolate, or strawberrry flavoured stuff.. etc etc.

I'd always wondered what Pocky was, now I know.
(Deleted comment)
12th Mar, 2004 12:19 (UTC)
hehehe... yup. I dunno about the soda, but mmmm pocky :)

Giant Pocky?
12th Mar, 2004 06:30 (UTC)
I can send you pocky. :)
12th Mar, 2004 12:17 (UTC)
yay for pocky!

*does the dance again*

12th Mar, 2004 12:28 (UTC)
Do you have favourite pocky?? :)
12th Mar, 2004 12:40 (UTC)
Well I've only tried chocolate and strawberry.. the pumpkin sounds really yum tho.

mmm pocky.

Any brit foods I can send you?
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