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Am I the only one who is sick of the term 'sexed up?' Its alway in quotes too.. you can hear the news announcers dropping little inverted commas around the phrase when they say it.

Perhaps its a british only news thing.. but its usually used to indicate when a report (say, oh to pull an random example out of my ass.. something on Iraq) has, or rather has been allegdged to have been written to spice up and manipulate the facts in the document so they are more pleasing, or exciting to the public.

I can see the meetings now:

"So Minister what is your opinion of our Intellegence Report?"
"Well Babbage, its good and all.. but.. I dunno. Its missing something."
"Sir? I assure you that all the relevant details are included."
"Oh yes! Yes certainly, no I meant could it perhaps be more... sexy?"
"Sexy sir?"
"Yes, you know, more... erotic. I want to be aroused by this report Babbage!"
"Yes sir but.."
"I am not arroused Babbage. Do you you see arousal?"
"Thankfully not sir, but could I just say..."
"I want to feel sexy reading this report Babbage, I want to feel like I'm wearing crotchless satin underwear Babbage!"
"CROTCHLESS Babbage! I want to feel like dry humping this dossier. Riding it like a pony while a woman clad in nothing but whipped cream plays with my nipples! I want to be dominated by this report! Whipped by its sensual descriptions of tightly uniformed men playing with my Weapon Of Mass Destruction. Licking its vinal clad buttocks Babbage! LICKING THEM! Lick me Babbage! I want to feel the long tongue of your inteligence upon my flaccid.. OW!"
"Sorry sir, don't worry - it was only a tranquilizer dart."
"Yes, aparently, I still think that was a bit extreme."
"Its for your own good sir."
"Yes... well.. before I drift off.. remember Babbage.. sex.. it... up."
"Indeed sir."
"mmm call the maid.. I'm ready for... my private wash.."
"Goodbye sir."
"yes.. mummy."

You know... perhaps that IS how it went. Wouldn't surpise me, you know how politicians are.

Oh on side note related to a debate on smoking taxes. When someone argues figures and economics and clearly know not a lot about either of them.. then procedes to insult people who have opposing views, posts a point in debate.. would you call that trolling? I would *shrugs*

Anyhow.. I leave you with this cautionary warning:

shakeitmadame: those who kill slugs
shakeitmadame: get eaten by giant penises
shakeitmadame: talking penises


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3rd Mar, 2004 10:45 (UTC)
Isn't most of what goes on in debate trolling? I think that's why I find it so entertaining. I don't think I have ever learned one useful bit of information from that community, but it frequently makes me laugh.

By the way, the_suspended3 (or however it's arranged) is uniquely_common aka hell_fudge aka brainless wonder--if you didn't know--and I never expect much actual debate from him. Although, occassionally he lets slip some useful law knowledge.
3rd Mar, 2004 10:57 (UTC)
Probably is.. I just occationally jump in there.

Kind of sad if its main content is trolling, concidering its title. Ah well.

The funny thing is that I have killed all of his responces to me atm by actually replying to his points with actual inteligence.

He can't just respond with something pthy/insulting without looking an idiot.. so basically I think I've removed his only 'debating' tool.
3rd Mar, 2004 14:08 (UTC)
the icon says it all....


*scampers off*
3rd Mar, 2004 15:31 (UTC)
talking penises wearing crotchless vinal panties covered in whipped cream holding a cat-o-nine-tails
;) that'll learn em
3rd Mar, 2004 16:54 (UTC)
underwater i wrote drowning, i used to be such a good good swimmer...
3rd Mar, 2004 17:08 (UTC)
Ok hon.. I have no iodea what you meant by that.. but.. ok.

All it takes to become a good swimmer again is to swim, and enjoy it :)

I used to swim a lot too! :D
3rd Mar, 2004 17:42 (UTC)
Hahahahaha. You wrote that you were listening to Tegan and Sara 'underwater', so I typed out the beginning of the song!!
3rd Mar, 2004 19:01 (UTC)
Ohhhhhh.. lol!

I don't know them THAT well hon ;)
3rd Mar, 2004 17:25 (UTC)
I believe i "conversed" with you in Wicked_Wish's journal.... I checked out your posts, found you more than mildly amusing, and decided to add you. no need to reciprocate, as I post FAR too much, but you're more than welcome to if you'd like.

3rd Mar, 2004 18:59 (UTC)
My output of let has been less than high standard I will admit ;)

Thanks, and I should think I'll add you back as soon as LJ loads properly for me!
3rd Mar, 2004 19:00 (UTC)
i update far too much than can be healthy, i am just warning you now. and I angst. alot. cause im a teenager and that's what we do best!
3rd Mar, 2004 19:02 (UTC)
I'm not far off that myself.. tho it seems like it sometimes.

Wish I still was *sigh*
5th Mar, 2004 05:20 (UTC)
hehehe, you had me in tears with that Dc ;') sooo funny..
5th Mar, 2004 10:27 (UTC)
hehe.. thanks Bryn :)

I guess its a british news term 'sexed up' because most of my US friend on here have totally gone "er... huh?"
(Deleted comment)
19th Mar, 2004 22:25 (UTC)
*Blush* thanks.

More friends always welcome! I make nooo guarentee's of the funny however.. I shall try tho ;)
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