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2nd Mar, 2004 21:31 (UTC)
creepily true...
2nd Mar, 2004 21:43 (UTC)
Not pointing the finger at all.. noooooo....

*sarcasm detector goes off*
3rd Mar, 2004 08:20 (UTC)
*gasp* really? ;)
3rd Mar, 2004 13:18 (UTC)
stop talking, you're going to overload it ;)
3rd Mar, 2004 15:19 (UTC)
Really, that would never be my intention.

Never... no, really. Never....
3rd Mar, 2004 04:52 (UTC)
I was saying the other day that GW Bush frightens me terribly- people have been turning off their logic sensors and going along with things that are incredibly dangerous to us as a nation.

I likened him to Hitler because there are megolomaniac signs all over this guy. People respond to him in the same way, too- they succumb to peer pressure and do horrible things or allow horrible things to be done "in the name of protecting the American way of life."

History is ours to learn from- I hope with every fiber of my being that people are learning and waking up now and that November will see the removal of GW from the White House.
3rd Mar, 2004 08:21 (UTC)
The Patriot Act is the most scary bit of legislation I've ever seen.

Yet it goes mostly unquestioned.
3rd Mar, 2004 08:30 (UTC)
Not only that...
That nasty piece of work has been used in defense of all sorts of questionable investigations and detentions.

There are a lot of questions being raised now (good thing, I say!) about the electronic voting system that has been created. At present, there isn't a way to verify the results or do a recount, apparently, without "giving out vital codes" which "may undermine the security of the system."

Ummm- can't you just create "superusers" and do so for high-security clearanced individuals on both sides of the political lines? Who can't assemble data in a reviewable data format unless they don't WANT to? We're not talking about complex data here, either- most medical offices have more branches on their IS tree-trunks, and I know several ways to get the data out of those with ease.

The activities of the current administration have me constantly saying, "How stupid do you think I am?"

I guess what I need to be saying is, "How stupid has America become that they think they can do this?"

Sigh- sorry, I ranted a bit, didn't I?
3rd Mar, 2004 09:04 (UTC)
Re: Not only that...
No problem.. go for it :)

And the answer to that last question is - very. Its more a culmination of some basic problems that have been around for yours in US culture and politics.

Its just now they are being ruthlessly exploited by the current adminsitration.

If Bush gets re-elected there will/should be riots...
4th Mar, 2004 05:03 (UTC)
If Bush gets re-elected-
First, I'll have a good cry, then I'll be one of the first to arrive at the White House Gates with a protest sign!
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