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Thats right.. its that day when you get to gourge yourself on pancakes and go:

"mmpfh.. no ibts a rewidgious fustival *glomp*"

Yay for obscure church related traditions!

Ok.. now I know how to make pancakes, but I'm interested on how YOU make them. Post any recipies you have for pancakes here, I'd like to see what ideas ppl have, and what they put on them. I put lemon juice and sugar/golden syrup on them myself, but thats my english wierdness for you.

Go on... spill!


24th Feb, 2004 10:02 (UTC)
Crepes with nutella eaten whilst wandering around the streets of Paris :(
24th Feb, 2004 12:41 (UTC)
oooooo yes. Good choice. I do love that about france.

Wash it down with some ice tea from a can too... mmmm

I have a free return flight to europe that I was going to go to france on.. sounds like a plan.