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Look ma, I created a Universe!

Ok.. so I plumped for FuitadNet in the end.. with their 3 Gig of storage and 25 Gig of bandwidth a month.

Pretty insane as it only costs me the price of a Burger King value meal a month (yes.. we are ripped off by fast food places in this country.. but its still cheap). Anyhow, as the only complaint I could find about their service was that the CEO is a bit of a whiny bitch.. I signed up, after all I can be a whiny bitch every now and then.. and I put up with enough of them online to add one more to my list.

so yes.. I now have a working website, ish.

check it out.


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12th Feb, 2004 00:59 (UTC)
after all I can be a whiny bitch every now and then..
aaaw, but when you do it, it's cuuute ;)
12th Feb, 2004 05:58 (UTC)
lol.. thanks hon ;)
12th Feb, 2004 01:21 (UTC)
the text is TEENY on your holding page... waaaaaaaaaahhh :(
12th Feb, 2004 06:01 (UTC)
really? interesting.. its set to about 10px (if you haven't messed with your browsers default settings).. so I guess its a bit smaller than some places.

I set it to about 11px now, see if that makes a difference.
12th Feb, 2004 11:11 (UTC)
that is MUCH better. now i'm gonna go be a pirate. arrrrrr :D

thank you!
12th Feb, 2004 12:17 (UTC)
no problem hon!

If you check out my other journal digitalwaffle you'll see that I am all about that kind of thing.. so its good feedback :D
12th Feb, 2004 15:51 (UTC)
oi vey.

i have to agree with beachglass about that journal.. mmm waffles. :P
12th Feb, 2004 20:59 (UTC)

Yeeeeeaaah.... :P

but they are mmm ;)
12th Feb, 2004 05:22 (UTC)
Teeny text for teh win! Also I got linked! w000000t!
12th Feb, 2004 06:09 (UTC)
lol.. well I fixed the tiny text issue. I think I just forget that I'm used to text that size ;)

And yar.. you get linkage you wannabe pirate you :P
13th Feb, 2004 03:07 (UTC)
Wannabe pirate?
I still cannae believe you wrote that and seriously expect to live ... ;)
13th Feb, 2004 05:49 (UTC)
Re: Wannabe pirate?
I have photographic evidence arrrr!
12th Feb, 2004 14:11 (UTC)
i just noticed the subject title on this one
and now i HAVE to leave this simpsons quote:

"no principle skinner! _I_ created the universe! give ME the gift certificate!" - lisa
12th Feb, 2004 20:56 (UTC)
Re: i just noticed the subject title on this one
lol... I've not seen that episode I don't think, or if I have I don't remember it.
12th Feb, 2004 21:28 (UTC)
Re: i just noticed the subject title on this one
aaaw! well that defeats the purpose of it then. ;)
it's from a halloween 3 parter, when lisa creates a mini universe by accident in a container. then the inhabitants of the universe think shes God, and shrink her down to their size to ask her questions. then bart comes and steals the mini universe and enters it into the science fair ;)
its pretty funny
12th Feb, 2004 21:31 (UTC)
Re: i just noticed the subject title on this one
haha... oh now I must see that.

That and I must visit Erotic Cakes...
12th Feb, 2004 23:31 (UTC)
Re: i just noticed the subject title on this one
mmmm....erotic cakes ;)
13th Feb, 2004 07:08 (UTC)
Erm... May I have your eye icon? I'll credit. I fell for the blue in it. Thanks.
13th Feb, 2004 07:31 (UTC)
Lol.. sure. Its my eye.. so that'll be a bit wierd, but feel free to post using my eye.

19th Feb, 2004 20:26 (UTC)
I didn't like Valentines Day, probably because I view it the same way as you described. I spent Valentines day getting to know a girl friend of mine a little better (no, not like that!!!). :) It was nice. I also went to a dinner that night. I think what got to me was when I heard Norah Jones playing in the background at the dinner I attended. Sheesh....anyway, the day for the most part was pretty good.

BTW, sorry if I didn't talk that much on the phone when you called me that one night. I really enjoyed the chat and hope we can do it again sometime. I will be sure to talk more this time lol.. :)

19th Feb, 2004 20:28 (UTC)
er...this was meant for the February 14th post....my bad...
20th Feb, 2004 03:02 (UTC)
aww hey hon! *hugs*

Yeah I'm just not online muhc when you are seemingly.. and I have to keep phone calls a bit lower than I was then, no money :(

Problem with this whole.. transatlantic friendship thing.
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