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I decided on a domain name (TwilightUniverse) and now I'm looking for webhosts. So far in the lead is S3hosting and FuitadNet I'd apricatate any comments you had on these two (this means you cowkitty ^_^ ) and any suggestions for other people/companies to host with.

Thanks all.


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10th Feb, 2004 08:52 (UTC)
dig the domain name.. so much better than anything I could have suggested.
10th Feb, 2004 12:18 (UTC)
Thanks :)

It gives be a lot of flexibiliy on what I can do with it.. and its purdy :D
10th Feb, 2004 15:35 (UTC)
hehe, yup
10th Feb, 2004 08:58 (UTC)
I know of three people now using Fuitad and they're just blown away by the service. Also I need your opinion before I sign up. :P
11th Feb, 2004 08:08 (UTC)
heh.. well I just paid for it... so we'll see
10th Feb, 2004 09:04 (UTC)
I've noticed quite a lot of very good/stable webcomics using fuitanet...don't know if this helps or not
11th Feb, 2004 05:35 (UTC)
Same here, they do have a good package. One of the reasons I'm thinking about them :D
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