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OOoooo Holy ghost! Holy ghost!

"Holy ghost this is not an episode of Scooby Doo.."


So myself and sterilespells aare getting together tonight to celebrate our rediiiiiiculous passion for horror in all its forms by trying to complete Silent Hill 1 + 2 + 3 PLUS Project Zero. Its a challenge.. a geeky challenge maybe, but one nonetheless.

Partially is also because we never got around to completing them the first time around either! (yeah I know they are suposedly easy.. but did I ever say I was hardcore? no.) This also prompts me to talk about the Silent Hill soundtracks, musical that is.

I LOVE them.

Do you know how hard it is to find them on cd? For a start they were only ever released in Japan, then they were only produced for a limited time. Thank god for Kazza and e-mule I say. I now have the Silent Hill 1-3 OST's on my hard drive, and it was the ONLY way I could get them. 2 + 3 are particularly good, some ambient and creepy music, but some great uplifting tunes (and 3 has proper vocals too). This isn't plinkity plong game music either, full orchestration in some of these.

yeah alright.. geek.

This test proves that:

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6th Feb, 2004 06:59 (UTC)
heheh.. theres so many games i love and haven't completed, i should get around to it really. :o) It just seems so sad when a game you like is over.
(Deleted comment)
6th Feb, 2004 13:57 (UTC)
waaaaaaaaay ahead of you hon ;)

I have the directors cut ;) Battle Royale 2 is around somewhere..
(Deleted comment)
6th Feb, 2004 23:11 (UTC)
I'll do better than that - here's where you can bbuy it:

(Deleted comment)
7th Feb, 2004 09:53 (UTC)
haha.. nooo ebay is eevil in many ways (cool in others tho).
6th Feb, 2004 11:40 (UTC)
Project Zero is one of the BEST horror games out there! I also really loved SH1. I love hearing about it when other people have such great taste!
7th Feb, 2004 09:53 (UTC)
*thumbs up*
It IS really good (also its called Fatal Frame many places aparently) tho the controls bugged me a bit.

SH3 is very good.. but VERY slow (kinda like Project Zero actually) but finally looks like we're getting some kind of PLOT *gasp*
6th Feb, 2004 13:11 (UTC)

Do you know how hard it is to find them on cd?

Not very. SH3 comes with the soundtrack on a separate CD in the box.

And it kicks ass. Sounds like Portishead with small splashes of DJ Tiesto and Boards of Canada, if BOC wanted to make a horror soundtrack.
I listen to it when I roast coffee. :D
6th Feb, 2004 23:07 (UTC)
Maybe the limited edition (which you can't buy in this country) does. The regular one available here and in the rest of Europe deosn't :(

I also meant for 1 and 2.. and they are out of print and they only way you can get them is by paying about $80 for sodding used cds.

But three comes with the cd in some cases? nice. I have all the games OST's on mp3 now, and I have to say I think the second is better, but I love the vocals in the 3rd.. and it rocks muchly :D
10th Feb, 2004 09:56 (UTC)
Adding you to my list on Choebe's advice. Hope you don't mind!
10th Feb, 2004 12:18 (UTC)
Not at all! :) More always welcome, I promice I will get around to adding you asap :D
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