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So redthought posted a sketch of kiltmir as drawn by non-lj user Gareth.

Clear on that?

Right, well you know what I'm like with sketches right? Right? Indeed. First choebe, then miriammiriam now...

the original                     My version


Less complex than the others.. I was going for that thick outline style thats so popular atm.
What ya think?


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6th Feb, 2004 00:01 (UTC)
well, as i stated earlier, i like the grafitti and the gradient in the background :) but i have a question about something i did'nt see earlier. what's up with his ear? does he have really long ears or did you forget to render that part of it? right now it looks like its melting or something in your version of it becase it's a different value than his skin tone in the sketch
6th Feb, 2004 02:03 (UTC)
oooooh! i finally see that it's his neck, but in that case i think you should model it a little with a shadow or two ;)

6th Feb, 2004 05:45 (UTC)
Yeah I probably should have shaded his neck.. I didn't go with two tone shading, I may try it on it.

Its his neck and the black bit near it is a sideburn... so the skin below is his neck to shoulder part.
6th Feb, 2004 05:09 (UTC)
wow... very cool! *steals* If I use it anywhere, I'll credit you.
6th Feb, 2004 05:34 (UTC)
I love it!

*wishes she had a cartoon*
6th Feb, 2004 06:36 (UTC)
Get someone to sketch you and I'll do my best ;)

I SUCK at sketching you see :(
6th Feb, 2004 06:50 (UTC)
fair enough. :)
7th Feb, 2004 09:25 (UTC)
It good as it is. I think the bold out line would ruin it. but thats just me
7th Feb, 2004 20:20 (UTC)
It HAS a bold outline...
10th Feb, 2004 16:54 (UTC)
Doh' there goes my ability to read

It does still look good though
11th Feb, 2004 05:40 (UTC)
thanks ;)

I think I know what you meant tho.. some webcomics have this annoying way of making the outline HUGE.. which can make it look really crap.
11th Feb, 2004 15:39 (UTC)
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