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Ok.. so my personal domain is about to up and quit on me
That's darkcryst.co.uk if you were wondereing.

I've had it a while.. but I've never really been happy with it. Hell, since my site got wiped in a server mishap I've not replaced it, and a holding page is the only thing you'll see there. However I do need a web presence.

You see, I've never really been comfortable using DarkCryst as a web address. It's fine as a online nick and all, but its a lazy concatination, and is too hard for stupid people to remember. One person for example was convinced I was called Dark Cyst.. until I pointed out that its spelt differently. Not exactly great for a marketable web presence.

I could use Digital Waffle, but the .net version is already taken, I'd be looking for a dot com anyhow, but it still kinda feels like I'd be repeating something. Plus waffle just means "no content" or "evasive content" so.. again, not the best image I guess.

Not that making sence has a lot to do with anything online. Fark, HappyDog, Boing Boing, USS Clueless.. these are all names that have proven to be popular sites (though mostly blogging related I may add). I guess it just comes down to being happy with a name, or somehing that you can work with. Perhaps something that just sticks in the mind.

DarkCryst doesn't afford me that in a site name.

Plus my e-mail service with Another.com, great as they are, has been giving me problems. They are a pay webmail service.. about £15 for the whole year, so I concider that a good deal. However lately I have been getting spammed the crap about of, their spam filter doesn't work that well I guess, and many of my e-mails have been blocked to places.

It's the last part that bothers me most, spam being part of the net and all. They are a pay service, they shouldn't have managed to get lumped into the same catergory of free spam mail as hotmail, yahoo.. etc etc. Co-incidentally, my subscription to them runs out around the same time my domain does. Getting a new domain would give me a better e-mail option too.

So what domain name?

This is where I am horribly stuck, and would appreciate some suggestions from you all:

What should I use as a new domain?

It would be used for basically selling me to anyone, something I could put on a business card.. etc. I also might host twilight there when I get a chance... so, anything you can think of could help.



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3rd Feb, 2004 19:52 (UTC)
Thats a tough one sweetie. I don't know you all that well... and I have a hard enough time making suggestions to peeps I have known for a while. I will ponder though...
4th Feb, 2004 01:02 (UTC)
crowborja's idea rules so much I may steal it hahahahahaha
4th Feb, 2004 08:24 (UTC)
haha.. noooooo!

Great name, not exactly business card friendly tho hehehe

As for YOUR suggestion.. I say NAY to you missy! :P
4th Feb, 2004 21:17 (UTC)
sorry if i rang you...i didn't intend to and saw that i had afterwards!
4th Feb, 2004 21:34 (UTC)
lol no problems hon. I've been up lots atm anyhow.. so liek I said in the sms, don't worry.

Anyhow.. I've always been of the opinion that all my friends can ring me any time of the day or night if there is a problem :)
5th Feb, 2004 00:22 (UTC)
in case you don't know what a djinn is:

Main Entry: djinn
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural jinn or jinns
Etymology: Arabic jinnIy demon
1 : one of a class of spirits that according to Muslim demonology inhabit the earth, assume various forms, and exercise supernatural power
2 : GENIE 2

meh, i had to come up with at least SOMETHING that was'nt "www.idigitizedyomama.com" ;)
5th Feb, 2004 09:12 (UTC)
Re: www.digitaldjinn.com
Djinn being the route or the anglisised Genie, yeah I knew that ;)

Thats not a bad idea actually.. thanks for that one! :D
5th Feb, 2004 12:13 (UTC)
i'm just brilliant like that ;)
you knew that? wow, i've met no one else who knows what the term "djinn" is. you know too much stuff...please eliminate ten thoughts and ideas from your brain. ;)
5th Feb, 2004 22:13 (UTC)
Re: i'm just brilliant like that ;)
ok.. number one:

"calling SF frisco is a bad idea.."

number 2..

"SF residents don't like SF being called frisco.."

5th Feb, 2004 22:37 (UTC)
oh no you DIDN'T!
when you come visit me, you'd BETTER remember those two things or else i remember to say "i'm not with him" when we hit up SF ;)
6th Feb, 2004 05:46 (UTC)
subject says it all ;)
6th Feb, 2004 11:20 (UTC)
Re: friscofriscofriscofriscofriscofriscofriscofriscofrisco
my icon says it all ;)
12th Mar, 2004 09:49 (UTC)
London dreary london home of the free or what...(Morressy)
I love you man, really I love you, man...
12th Mar, 2004 12:16 (UTC)
Re: London dreary london home of the free or what...(Morressy)
lol, thanks!

Sentiment always apricated :)

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