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Ok, well I've been flexing my creative juices tonight, and I thought I'd post up some LJ/Computer related stuff I've done in the past

The original photo for the last one was from cmpriest's sci-fi opus, and just BEGGED that line. More on the Weebl themed animated icons shall be produced, but they take time and I got bored, I have a few more I'm going to do tho. If you like the get fuzzy stuff make sure you check out the windows icons I did with them. Feel free to grab any icons, credit is always nice if you do.. but as I've stated before, won't kill me if you don't. Just polite.

Oh and a Tegan and Sara themed Wallpaper for you all.. I made it for petpenguins, and if you don't know who Tegan and Sara are... FIND OUT. I was the very happy recipent of some of their CD's from El Penguino, and I really, really love them:

there is some detail in this that doesn't show up here...
click and get the larger image

anyhow.. thought you might like them, so enjoy, tell me what you think...


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3rd Feb, 2004 00:24 (UTC)
that Calvin & Hobbes icon is fantabulous!
3rd Feb, 2004 00:32 (UTC)
Thank you! *bows*

I probably could mess with the timing of the first two frames a bit more.. but its fun :D

I had it as the screensaver on my phone for a while, now I've got the tiger :D
3rd Feb, 2004 12:22 (UTC)
whoa.. on your phone? you must have one of the newer fancy models? mine still tells me that i suck.

i would ask if i could use your C&H icon, but i'm out of userpic space, and don't want to sacrifice any yet *L*
3rd Feb, 2004 14:28 (UTC)
hehe.. well feel free to use it when you do ;)

Yeah I just got a Sony Ericcson Z600 (see a couple of posts back). Its pretty new, but basically any phone that is a) colour, and b) a camera phone will do.

Other will, but camera phones save out to jpg. Most wap ones do if you can d/l pictures.
3rd Feb, 2004 18:55 (UTC)
someday, i shall have myself one of these wondrous gadgets.

and i shall definately gank the C&H when i have the opportunity. thanks! :)
3rd Feb, 2004 19:24 (UTC)
Well the cool thing is that I got it for free!

Trust me, I could in no way afford to buy a new phone. T-Mobile were offering a free upgrade to the z600 or some kind of motorola, I chose the sony ericcson.

I know the US phone system is screwy relating to mobiles, but you never know.. you should be entilted to an upgrade if you've had a contract phone for 12 months or more.
4th Feb, 2004 21:55 (UTC)
ahh...but i switched from Verizon to AT&T recently, which shot down any special things they may have offered, of which they weren't offering anything, if you get my meaning.

you're lucky you got such a nice phone for free.. even the phones "with contract sign up" aren't that nifty for free (i have a motorola v60i now, but it's still not that swanky).
5th Feb, 2004 15:07 (UTC)
Yeah.. you get screwed in the states for mobiles.

Like... seriously.

Your networks are 10 years behind ours here. Hell you still have analogue and non-gsm phones!


Plus your phone companies are like "no really, us screwing in the ass with a stick is hows its MEANT to be.. now bend over like good little puppies..."
5th Feb, 2004 18:17 (UTC)
ugh, gah.. you summed it up perfectly.. and graphically ;p

gsm = global service messenger?
6th Feb, 2004 13:59 (UTC)
you know... I should know what gsm means.. but I don't. Ah well.. I know its a good thing ;)
6th Feb, 2004 14:34 (UTC)
now that i think about it, i think it has something to do with the computer interface they use, and from what i recall, about 2 out of the main 5 wireless services use it... but not the one i have. heh.
6th Feb, 2004 23:09 (UTC)
yeah... its something to do with the protocol, but I dunno the exact specs. Verison is an analogue net I think (whoever does that really irritating "do you hear me now" ads).
8th Feb, 2004 13:46 (UTC)
hahaha.. yeah, Verizon does the "can you hear me now" ads. next time i'll probably go with Sprint if i can afford it.

well, i've harrassed you about phones long enough. mind if i add you to my friends list? ;p
8th Feb, 2004 20:36 (UTC)
Not at all hon :) love you too :)

I'm with T-Mobile here in the Uk (they bought One2One who I was with) and I have to say.. they are VERY good. So.. just a suggestion ;)
8th Feb, 2004 21:08 (UTC)

well, one of my housemates is with T-Mobile, and doesn't seem to have very many problems with it, as opposed to myself.. i don't even get reception at home! yes, i will be changing phone companies come September.. i'll be doing interviews then with all the phone companies.
8th Feb, 2004 22:38 (UTC)
Demand good service! That really does seem to be the only reason you guys are far behind.. because you put up with it ;)
9th Feb, 2004 02:23 (UTC)
you're right. i wasn't this nice to Verizon.. for some reason i've been slacking off with complaining about things lately.. well, about things that matter ;)~
i need to drag myself out of this rut.
9th Feb, 2004 04:55 (UTC)
You and me both hon... believe me
3rd Feb, 2004 06:10 (UTC)
Tegan and Sara are from my very own province!

AND they share my last name.

They're pretty rockin'.
3rd Feb, 2004 12:16 (UTC)
That they are :) I'm very happy with their cds :D
3rd Feb, 2004 07:23 (UTC)
Hey, I found your journal through the Get Fuzzy feed... and I have to say that the Tegan and Sara wallpaper is pretty good. Like, I'm not into bright colours, but I'm tempted to use it 'cause you've put it together well.

I also like your icons. The Link one is funny. ^.^
3rd Feb, 2004 12:18 (UTC)
Thank you :)

Yeah I normally don't go for brighter colours, but I just liked the image. Works very well on the desktop, even if I do say so myself. Its not all white - so its not as garish as it looks!

nd hey, new ppl to my journal is always nice, thanks for the compliments :)
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