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New phone!

Free too! Free upgrade offer from T-Mobile!


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(Deleted comment)
26th Jan, 2004 14:02 (UTC)
If you've had your current handset and contract with them for more than 12months.. phone them up and ask "I'm thinking about changing phones, what deals can you offer me?"

They'll probably say a few hansets for free, or X ammount off of a new one.

Thats how it works here and most of Europe (afaik), but I know the US mobile network is about 10+ years behind here... hell you still have analogue networks!!
26th Jan, 2004 15:31 (UTC)
ooooo...pretty. I like my phone though. samsung N400. da fishies swim. :)
26th Jan, 2004 15:54 (UTC)

Yeah Samsung do very nice phones. I was initially very skeptical about this phone, the only non nokia phones I've every owned were both a song, and then n ericsson. Both were taken back withing 24hrs (that is.. both phones lasted less than one day COMBINED).

They were a Sony z5, and a T28. The z5 was the most clunky small phone ever, with the most awful buggy and broken menu system ever. The T28's flip panel snapped off the 3rd time I sproinged it...

So the new amalgam sounded like distilled and finely aged HELL as far as I was concerned.

However its really a great phone.. I am impressed. A bit more complicated to use than the nokia's.. but that is also because I am used to nokia's way of doing things.
26th Jan, 2004 17:59 (UTC)
jah... I got used to the dinky nokia's too...they are simple to use though. This phone and I get along well though. It is pretty, it is fairly sturdy (and I am a clutz...so this is good), and I got it for free after rebates... hehe. I had wanted it for over a year. I like the menu set up. and again...it is pretty. ^_^
26th Jan, 2004 17:30 (UTC)
so when's the wedding? you know, your phone is going to have to wear off white, or what we call a "hussy white"... because it's text message virginity is MINE!!! MUUUAHAAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA! *dances*
26th Jan, 2004 19:28 (UTC)
Bastard!!!! :p
(Deleted comment)
27th Jan, 2004 20:03 (UTC)
lol... its the Z600 if you want to know the model (click on the picture for more info). I wish I had the money to send you one ;)

Sadly.. not.
(Deleted comment)
28th Jan, 2004 07:25 (UTC)

I recomend the P900 if you can afford it. VERY nice phone. Almost a PDA!
(Deleted comment)
29th Jan, 2004 02:38 (UTC)
lol know your limits huh?
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