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Ok.. I can't get to sleep lately.

Or rather, when I do fall asleep its from fatigue, not because I should be going to sleep.
This seems to be caused by the pills I'm taking for my back, one of the listed side effects was insomnia.

Well... fabaroo.

However my dad coming in at *check time* 6:40am to tell me "You really should get some sleep" is just plain dumb. I mean, gee, its a choice of mine you know? I WANT to have my day fucked up, really I do. I could lie on my bed doing nothing all night till I fell asleep at around the same goddamn time, but would there be any point to that? No.

However I do think that somehow my parents would prefer that.. you know, like I was obviously trying to sleep or something. ffs..

Plus they plan to wake me up "at a sensible time" so my body clock works properly I guess. Sadly Insomnia doesn't work like that.. I may be tired, but I still can't sleep. So today I shall be fucking horribly tired, and unable to sleep. Great, thanks parents. Hope you feel better for this, because I sure won't.


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23rd Jan, 2004 23:10 (UTC)
*hugs*! pish posh! there is no such thing as "sensible time." i hate it when parents try to categorize things into sensible and unsensible. come visit me and be on cool pacific standard time! you're already on it!
23rd Jan, 2004 23:12 (UTC)
Yeah.. wouldn't be hard would it? :)

Of cource to do that.. I need a job, grr..
24th Jan, 2004 00:01 (UTC)
you'll get one hon *hugs* i'll teach you how to pout properly and you can pout yourself into an interview! ;)
24th Jan, 2004 00:45 (UTC)
that icon fucking rocks!!
24th Jan, 2004 07:56 (UTC)
lol thanks.

I managed to fit it into LJ size limits.. just. I had to cut most of the frames out, and lower the colours a lot too.

Still came out kinda spiffy I think :D
24th Jan, 2004 10:12 (UTC)
definatly. Very smooth. I bow before your icon making skills. ;)

What do you use to get the movie clips into your graphics program?
24th Jan, 2004 10:39 (UTC)
Depends on how I got the clip in the first place.

Ripping from a dvd is a pain, but doable (complex tho, so I won't cover it here).

However if its already in a reagular video format (like mpeg or Avi) then I open it up in VirtualDub and export the frames to an image sequence, or clip

Gif Animation Workshop will let you import a video clip, but I use ImageReady for the most part.. if gives me greater control over the final product.
24th Jan, 2004 15:16 (UTC)
VirtualDub .. good to know. Thanks.
24th Jan, 2004 16:31 (UTC)
no probs.. its a great little app if you are going to be working with Avi or mpeg video
24th Jan, 2004 01:58 (UTC)
Yay...we can start an insomniacs club...woo hoo!
I hate not being able to sleep. Especially when others point out that I'm not sleeping.
24th Jan, 2004 07:57 (UTC)
I know!

My dad this morning said "You don't have insomnia"

I was like? Oh ok! I'm doing this deliberatly am I? I almost called him a sodding idiot right there and then.. but I think I made my point without doing that.
24th Jan, 2004 05:39 (UTC)
As Queen of Insomnia I say this: no matter how hard you try to put your body onto the "right time", it always blows up in your face. Let this spell outrun itself. It always does.
24th Jan, 2004 07:59 (UTC)
Can I phone you and get you to tell my parents that? *Sigh* they really aren't helping.
24th Jan, 2004 13:58 (UTC)
Parents are silly like that no matter how old you get. I hope you get good rest soon. I don't know why I never realised you live with your parents.

24th Jan, 2004 16:30 (UTC)
yeah I do... Much to my annoyance I may add
25th Jan, 2004 09:32 (UTC)
I understand completely. I have suffered from insomnia on more than my fair share of occasions. There is little that helps. It is hard for other people to understand because they can't feel exactly what you are feeling. Hopefully they will understand... or get off your back.. hopefully you will be able to kick it soon.
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