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Oh.. more about the car.

I was kind of miffed that you couldn't see the paint show up that well in the previous render, but that is what you get for using global illumination, and no direct light sources.. no shiny bits.

Anyhow.. did a test render with a direct light to show how the paint looks. Nothing has changed but the light:


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22nd Jan, 2004 09:55 (UTC)
It's not loading. :(
22nd Jan, 2004 11:36 (UTC)
Thats odd... should be.

Works from the computer I'm using right now, which is at a friends place..

Just try refreshing.
22nd Jan, 2004 20:52 (UTC)
that is also an adorable icon hon.. *cuddles you lots*

you rock muchly :)
22nd Jan, 2004 12:07 (UTC)
wow, thats really cool! the lighting/shadow makes it look even more 3d. and i appreciate it's shininess. you changed the wheels...hmm..now i need a pool cue.
i wish i could work computer ma bobber thingy ma doodle whatzit deelies...
get online! i'm bored! *pokes your msn until it works* oh wait...you're at a friends house...plan aborted!
22nd Jan, 2004 12:40 (UTC)
no the wheels are the same, they are just reflecting a darker enviroment. Billet Alluminium is what I'm aiming for.

ITs the lighting that has made all the difference. That is the only thing that has changed between this render and the last
22nd Jan, 2004 12:56 (UTC)
*nods* hehee...aluminium...

*pokes you with a pool cue*
22nd Jan, 2004 15:46 (UTC)
yes.. you know.. the way the REST OF THE WORLD spells it. :P ;)

*chalks your nose*
22nd Jan, 2004 20:06 (UTC)
do i want to be like everyone else? i dont THINK so. i'm tired of saying things like everyone else, i think from now on i shall call aluminum AND aluminium ...miriaminium. there.
*dusts off her nose*
22nd Jan, 2004 15:20 (UTC)
wow! The lighting change made it wooondermous! Before it was ok....but the car pops out at ya now. way cool :)
22nd Jan, 2004 15:45 (UTC)
yeah it really shows off the form and the paint. With the global illumination (what it was before) you can get much more realistic effects, but I hadn't bothered to set it up so that there was a direct light source like this one.

I was more interested in just showing off the model as a whole. This one is all about the paint baybeee! :)

There are even paint flecks in there if you look close enough.

I'm glad you like it :)
22nd Jan, 2004 16:40 (UTC)
hehe, jah...the paint looks damn cool. ^_^ sweet. At first I didn't like the color much...I naturally stray toward blues though...but with the lighting...nice..
22nd Jan, 2004 16:41 (UTC)
oh yeah.. I intend it to be some kind of blue/purple thing.. not the reddy orange it is now.
22nd Jan, 2004 16:42 (UTC)
hehe. even better :P
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