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Livejournal.. at least it's not crack.

I think we all know the sordid truth behind that subject don't we my fellow addicts?

Anyhow.. its 4am, and do you know where your kids are?
Certainly this one needs to get his days around the right way for once, hence the late hour.. ah well.

Went to the doc about my back, he says he's sure the pain is muscular (duh..) and gave me some anti-inflamatory pink pills to take, one a day, for now. He's going to make an appointment with a phyisotherapist for me.. and they'll take a look. For now though the pills are working wonders and make my life a lot less painful. Plus I can top them up with paracetamol if need be.. which is nice.

Oh.. in other news, a side project of mine for you perusal:

Its a work in progress 3d model of a car I am doing. As I get further on with it I'll be updating that image, so if you refresh you may get another version of it. I'd apriciate any feedback as it develops. cowkitty this means you ^_~ .. and well, anyone that wants to really.

This post was brought to you by the arabic letter rethought and the twidlings of 3dsmax...


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20th Jan, 2004 20:30 (UTC)
I will endeavor to be a pretty letter like a yaa and not an irritating to write one like thaa. :)
20th Jan, 2004 20:34 (UTC)
If I knew the difference then I'm sure I'd be either nodding sagely or laughing like hell right now..

as it is I'm going o_O
20th Jan, 2004 22:57 (UTC)
ummm...I'll send you a picture. :)
21st Jan, 2004 06:45 (UTC)
hehe.. thanks.

Jokes in obscure languages! whoo!
21st Jan, 2004 09:46 (UTC)
Silly boy.
20th Jan, 2004 20:56 (UTC)
i think it's be pretty snazzy if you finished it off with some hydrolics and shag carpeting! maybe some fuzzy dice... ummm...some bling bling...then you could park it across your neighbors front lawn at 4 am and leave the hydrolics on so one of the wheels is jutting upwards. now thats class! just dont park it on a ping pong table or someone will hit the wheels with a paddle.
21st Jan, 2004 05:36 (UTC)
oh you bet baybee! Purple shag carpet all the way... on the roof too!

Give my car a mofo'in' afro.. word.
21st Jan, 2004 12:26 (UTC)
purple? damn, you read my mind! boy's got some taste, yo! ;)
21st Jan, 2004 13:02 (UTC)
you betcha..

hey where are you? *pokes your msn till it works*
21st Jan, 2004 14:30 (UTC)
i'm working on a project thats due at 7:15 pm tonight. sorry hon, im the worst multitasker in the universe, and you're distracting! ;) in a good way of course though ;)i'll be on if i finish it before then, so cross your fingers for me
21st Jan, 2004 15:01 (UTC)
*crosses everything.. including eyes*

oj..bos I cam'y aee.. crap.
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