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On backs, and digital music...

My back hurts...

No.. seriously, it fucking hurts.

It hurts so bad that after two weeks it getting progressivly worse I have decided to go to the doctors about it. I was in bed for most of today because I couldn't really move from it.. so yeah, time for the docs. I reckon its something to do with my accident, because I've had similar problems with my back since then.. but now this is just lots worse. We'll see I guess.

Oh and I'd like to spend a moment talking about Digital Music and stuff.

I've just upgraded to Winamp 5, well I say just.. a while ago.. but not the point, I have to say its VERY good. Its basically what version 3 should have been. I know that many people, like me, hated version 3 for being a memory hog, unstable, incompatible.. and generally crap. I stayed with classic winamp and thought "oh well.. there goes another good program down the crapper" I was however totally wrong. Version 5 is exceelent, its 100% compatible with v2, and looks as pretty as v3 Skins allow (now called 'modern' skins). Its the best of both worlds.

Also.. I've started using the ogg file format for ripping cd's to. Its my format of choice atm, and if you are cd ripping I recomend it too. Its supported by everything that plays mp3's and some things that don't. Same kind of idea, but its cheaper on software companies to support, and it produces smaller files that sound better - even at the same quality.

Yes I was dubious of that claim, but its true. Gets the Greg Stamp of Aproval. Oh and I know ogg isn't new, but I finally was bothered to use it for ripping after finding a good codec for DBPowerAmp to rip to it. hey LJ uses it, and they know a thing or two about formats.

Oh.. tell me what you think of the new icon too, its made from the poster for 'Shaun of the Dead' - the new movie form Simon Pegg (the guy from Spaced) looks VERY funny.

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