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I'm bored!

I am horribly horribly bored..
I am finishing an application I have to deliver tomorrow...

These two things may be related.

Who's out there and online? I'm on MSN and Yahoo.. someone talk to me!


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15th Jan, 2004 21:11 (UTC)
I am....for a few more minutes....but then I am off to bed..
15th Jan, 2004 21:21 (UTC)
bah! ;) tis ok hon, I should already be in bed, so I understand :)
16th Jan, 2004 13:12 (UTC)
sigh...I got offline only to stay up for another hour reading...so bad I am
15th Jan, 2004 21:43 (UTC)
i'll keep you sane or go insane trying! *rushes into msn*
21st Jan, 2004 01:19 (UTC)
Why hello there. When im bored I find miriam to be the best phone and internet buddy. When you are bored call Miriam and talk to her for as long as you can. And then if you find that you are bored as soon as you get off the phone with her, simply call her again. She has nothing to do. Im bored right now myself. So i'm going through her friends list and commenting in her friends journals. She's lucky that I'm not going to embarass her. :P anyway my quest for other journals doesn't end here. So to end this...your journal seems kool so Im going to add you if you dont mind. Add me 2 beause Im so freshness.
21st Jan, 2004 05:41 (UTC)
and it shall be MY squishy...
You be fresh sista! ;)

plus the dottie icon rawks :D
22nd Jan, 2004 04:54 (UTC)
Re: and it shall be MY squishy...
yes, i be fresh my brotha, lol...thanks it does rock huh?
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