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My spam is being sureal at me today...

Example subject titles I got in my inbox -
"NI, here the foreigner" Dear god! the Knights who Say NI! are obviously lose and running rampent around the net. Their grasp of basica english grammer hasn't improved either I see.

"why they fired the cameraman" I still can't find out why they fired him as the e-mail seems to be some kind of broken HTML page.. damnit, I need to know now.. cruel e-mail spam, how you taunt me so.

So yes, you can tell my day has been fasinating ;)

Oh.. in other news DarkCryst FM is back online.. point your winamp to and yo'll get my stream. I've limited it to 5 people, and if I fill that I'll be impressed. Anyhow.. you get to listen to what I am listening to. You never know, you might like it.

Oh.. and if Avi or Cherie or Jym could tell me the track listing on his Goth/Industrial CD compliations (which I can only find cd2 of *cries*) then I'd apriciate it.. trying to rip it as we speak.

" She's famous and normally in movies, what's she doing in the buff?" why indeed? Only she knows.

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