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My spam is being sureal at me today...

Example subject titles I got in my inbox -
"NI, here the foreigner" Dear god! the Knights who Say NI! are obviously lose and running rampent around the net. Their grasp of basica english grammer hasn't improved either I see.

"why they fired the cameraman" I still can't find out why they fired him as the e-mail seems to be some kind of broken HTML page.. damnit, I need to know now.. cruel e-mail spam, how you taunt me so.

So yes, you can tell my day has been fasinating ;)

Oh.. in other news DarkCryst FM is back online.. point your winamp to and yo'll get my stream. I've limited it to 5 people, and if I fill that I'll be impressed. Anyhow.. you get to listen to what I am listening to. You never know, you might like it.

Oh.. and if Avi or Cherie or Jym could tell me the track listing on his Goth/Industrial CD compliations (which I can only find cd2 of *cries*) then I'd apriciate it.. trying to rip it as we speak.

" She's famous and normally in movies, what's she doing in the buff?" why indeed? Only she knows.


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13th Jan, 2004 09:39 (UTC)
Ah, the lovely world of SPAM!! :-P

I find it amusing you make this post the same day the subject of my post is "We shall say 'nee' again to you if you do not appease us!" Great minds think alike! ;-)

YAY for DarkCryst FM! Oh, it was sooooooooo missed. *sings Vast*
13th Jan, 2004 09:52 (UTC)
remember tho.. its NI! :D

Vast is great.. at least this album is. Not too sure about the others. Kudos to Avi for introducing me to them.

I have two ppl listening too... interesting, I wonder who the other person is.
13th Jan, 2004 11:08 (UTC)
the game he plays, he plays for keeps
I wonder who the other person is

c'est moi.

I'm not sure what's on that CD. Disk One of that set was stolen two Halloweens ago at a shitty club that borrowed it for its playlist. If I was listening to the CD, I could tell you what each song is, but it's been almost two years since I burned it.

mmmmm.....Curtis Mayfield's "Superfly"....
13th Jan, 2004 11:39 (UTC)
Re: the game he plays, he plays for keeps
ahh.. so YOU are listening :D

So its posible that I might only have cd2 then? Hmmm... Avi has the ones I have now anyhow.. she she can solve this :D

All I know is that Timekiller is on there somewhere...
13th Jan, 2004 13:12 (UTC)
Re: the game he plays, he plays for keeps
Well, now that my CD's in the playlist, I'll keep a running tab on things:

Starting on Track 2, b/c I missed Track 1:

KMFDM--Juke Joint Jezebel
VAST--Pretty When You Cry
Portishead--Sour Times
Mephisto Odyssey--I Breathe You
Girls Against Boys--Exorcisto
Marilyn Manson--The Fight Song (Slipknot Remix)
Doll Factory--Beta
Crystal Method--Name of the Game (Radio Edit)
Mephisto Odyseey (with Static-X)--Crash

...then the connection crapped out. but that's tracks 2-11.
13th Jan, 2004 16:11 (UTC)
Re: the game he plays, he plays for keeps
Yeah.. I had to go offline :( sorry about that.

Its back up now tho! :D
13th Jan, 2004 11:40 (UTC)
Re: the game he plays, he plays for keeps
Oh and requests are welcome :D
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