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And so... another year rolls on.

So that was Christmas, and what did I do?

Got prezzies, had family rows, watched Return of The King again. Nothing spectacular, nothing awful.. just your normal family gathering I guess.

I'm sure I could talk more about it, but whats the point huh? nothing THAT memorable has happened so far. However I do send HUGE hugs out to cmpriest and good luck to Jym too.. things will work out ok. They seem to be already, so thats good.

Things That Suck At Work:

Lack of Job Security - I don't know if my contract will be renewed atm, and I'm not sure when I will know (grrr).
Lack of Organisation - bloody place is awfully mis-managed in that respect.
Lack of sterilespells - for she has left *weeps* Though I know we're going to see each other anyhow, was cool to see someone who I get on with very well everyday :)

Oh! In other cool related news - today, at some point (hopefully), I should be getting my main present. A new computer... or rather, computer parts. You see, my parents said they'd contribute to helping me afford to get new computer parts, so for the geeky among you, here is a summary of the stuff I am getting:
  • Coolermaster Jet 7 Cooler

  • Abit AN7 nForce2 Motherboard

  • 2 x OCZ 256MB PC3200 CAS2 DDR RAM

  • AMD Athlon “Thoroughbred“ XP 2600+ 333FSB CPU

  • XFX GeForce FX 5600 128MB DDR DVI/TV-Out
Thats most of it, the important stuff anyhow.

So yes, upgrading to that from my Athlon 600, with a GeForce 256 DDR will be something of a shock to the system. 3dsmax and Photoshop are lusting after it greedily from here.. I can hear them salivating. EVERYTHING in the new computer will be faster than this one... its kind of funny.

Something else to mention btw, that cooler up there.. its darn pretty. Looks like a chrome jet engine... purdy.
Mmmm pretty..

Anyhow, moving on. Sorry about the lack of communication online recently, I've been working a lot, and just haven't felt in the mood to chat or post, as stated before. If I don't post before new year I hope you all have a great new year!


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(Deleted comment)
29th Dec, 2003 07:05 (UTC)
hehe.. I bet.

I see he's complaining about coffee already? He must be settling in ;)

*big hugs*

Bet you're a bit more relaxed now too huh?
29th Dec, 2003 10:23 (UTC)
Just because you need more drains on your time:

With that setup and your knowledge of 3ds StudioMax you could pretty easily take DarkBASIC and possibly turn your comic ideas into a video game.
29th Dec, 2003 12:23 (UTC)
I have DarkBasic (tho the original version... V1.0 which is aaaages old).. and yes.. the though had crossed my mind.

There are other things out there that do the same thing, but I've always liked DarkBasic more than them.

The reason I ended up not using it much was because I was frustrated with its limits (and ugly interface - this was win95 time, and it opened in a dos box!). However the professional version does look like its worth a spin.
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